Species: Poliwrath
Gender: Male
Current Trainer:







Childhood Pokémon


70 (GSC)


Chapter 1

Poli is Red's male Poliwrath. He was Red's very first Pokémon.



Poli evolves into Poliwhirl to save Red from drowning in a pond.



Poli debuts in Chapter 1.


He is sent out to fight Mew, only to be knocked out by an attack due to his recklessness.

Red sends out Poli to get through the preliminary rounds of Pewter City's gym's tournament.

He later sends out Poli to attack a wild Fearow who is kidnapping Bill.[1]

Poli accompanies Red onto the S.S. Anne, where he defeats a Voltorb but is paralyzed. He and Red are tossed off the ship and into the ocean.


Poli evolves in order to save Red from drowning.[2]

Poli is briefly sent out to defend Mew against Team Rocket's Jynx, but Mew defends itself.[3]

Red later sends out Poli to try and put out a fireball sent by Rocket, but Poli fails, causing Blaine to realize that the fireball is, in fact, Moltres.[4] Red sends Poli out against Blue's Ninetales during their Championship match. The hot air from Fire Blast is enough to pin Poli to the ceiling and evaporate a lot of water, setting up for Red's thunderstorm plan.

Known Moves

  • Water Gun[5]
  • Ice Beam[6]
  • DoubleSlap[7]
  • Mind Reader
  • Double Team
  • Focus Punch
  • Seismic Toss


  • Chapter 14: 31 (110HP)[8]
  • Chapter 27: 40[9]
  • Chapter 40: 61[10]
  • Chapter 180: 70[11]


Poli is often regarded as being very loyal. As a matter of fact, he is viewed as one of the loyalest of Red's comrades alongside Saur. Poli is brave by nature, getting into fights that he normally wouldn't win without a single amount of hesitation. In some cases, this has lead him to becoming a bit too gung-ho, even when compared to Saur. This often leads him to misjudging his opponents, such as when Erika's Bellsprout used Mimic to copy his Double-Slap move, which had hilarious results. When compared to the original trio of Saur, Pika, and Poli, Poli can easily be regarded as the muscle-bound shoot-first-ask-questions-later kinda guy that also acts as the comic relief of the trio, as his comedic quirk often involves him getting beaten up the most out of any member of Red's team.

*The above can be seen through body language and other implications found throughout the manga.


  • Out of all of Red's Pokemon, Poli gets damaged the most. For instance, in one battle, Poli gets frozen in a block of ice, while in another, he gets flung into the ocean.


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