Sinnoh Headquarters


Association HQ in Lilycove, Hoenn

The Pokémon Association is a powerful organization that runs the Pokémon League.


The Pokémon Association hires and pays gym leaders, as well as organizes and enforces laws surrounding Pokémon battle and competition.



RS Arc


The Lilycove Headquarters as an airship

The Hoenn Director secretly tells Tate and Liza to protect the Blue and Red Jewels at Mt. Pyre.[1] He calls a level eight emergency[2] and alerts the Hoenn gym leaders that Kyogre and Groudon have been awakened. He has Winona (whom the Association appointed as leader of the gym leaders) send Wattson and Flannery to battle Kyogre, and Roxanne and Brawly to battle Groudon.[3] As conditions from weather phenomena intensify, the Lilycove Headquarters is forced to undergo its transformation into an airship so that the director can command the gym leaders from the air.[4]

Platinum Arc




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