The PokéFan Club President runs the PokéFan club in Kanto.


He debuts in Chapter 10.

The President, impressed by Red's Pokémon, invites him back to the Vermillion City Pokémon Fan Club, making Red into an honorary member. There it is revealed that the President's Abra has gone missing, one of the Pokémon stolen by Team Rocket and transported on the S.S. Anne. The President gives Red the motivation to go after them.[1]

When Red returns the stolen Pokémon, the President is horrified to discover that his little Abra has evolved into Alakazam.[2]

The President is later seen at the Indigo Plateau, interacting with the challengers' Pokémon. He is delighted by Dr. O's Spearow, but intimidated by the figure Dr. O cuts.[3]


The President likes to see and hug cute Pokémon, to a degree that he asks Red to leave Pika with him for hugs while Red goes to save the Pokémon on the S.S. Anne.



Abra evolves while in Team Rocket's possession.



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