PokéFan Club President





Chapter 200

The PokéFan Club President is the leader of the PokéFan Club in Hoenn.


He debuts in Chapter 200.

RS Arc

He happens upon Ruby while in Slateport City. He admires Ruby's Pokémon and makes him an honorary member of the PokéFan Club. The two of them bond over their shared views of Pokémon, and the President tries to get Ruby into a contest but fails because Ruby does not have a Hoenn contest pass. This refusal upsets the President, who takes Ruby to make PokéBlocks instead, roping in Captain Stern and Tuga to have four members. The four of them are kidnapped by Team Magma, who are only targetting Captain Stern.[1]

After seeing Mack interrogate Captain Stern, the President recognizes Stern and explains to Ruby. He encourages Ruby to challenge Mack and save Captain Stern, but can't reply when Ruby snaps that the President should do that if he wants Ruby to. They are busted when Mack opens the door and finds them eavesdropping. The President watches as Ruby runs around and lures Mack and his Slugma into the Kaien I.[2]

He remarks that he didn't expect Ruby to lure Mack away.[3]

He is later seen during the flood of Slateport City. He and Tuga are in the first aid center suffering from breathing difficulties due to breathing in smoke from Mack's Pokémon.[4]




Ruby and the President meet in Chapter 200.



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