Plusle and Minun are a pair of wild Pokémon that team up with Ruby and Sapphire. They apparently live on the Abandoned Ship, where they protect an important scanner.


They debut in Chapter 198.

Plusle and Minun meet Ruby and his Pokémon on the Abandoned Ship, where they show Ruby a diary from one of the ship's old passengers. They then trick Ruby and his Pokémon into accepting berries that make them confused. Cackling, Plusle and Minun flee with Ruby in hot pursuit.

They try to keep Ruby away from a certain door, but once he figures out what they're up to, he's determined to find what's behind that door; unfortunately, Mitch of Team Magma interferes, knocking Ruby out and going behind the door to find the scanner that Plusle and Minun were protecting.

Plusle and Minun team up with Ruby and Sapphire against Mitch and Marge, using Double Team to disorient them and then an electric attack powered up by their complementary abilities, Plus and Minus. However, they are both hurt, and Plusle is trapped beneath Mitch's Torkoal. Ruby saves Plusle by threatening to destroy a diary possibly containing crucial information. He offers the diary in exchange for Plusle, but during the exchange, Sapphire has Minun dive in to rescue Plusle, and unleash another electric attack to knock the scanner from Marge's hand. It was, unfortunately, only the case, and the scanner remains in Team Magma's grasp.[1]

They later have a brief appearance when Kyogre awakens and destroys the Abandoned Ship. In the chaos, Plusle and Minun manage to save their master's diary.[2]

They manage to end up on Mirage Island, where they rejoin Ruby and Sapphire and learn to do team battling with them.[3]

Known Moves




Plusle and Minun are both very mischievous, often pulling pranks. They can also be deceiving, feigning cutesy fear to lure Ruby into a false sense of security. They are clever and observant, able to determine Ruby's Mudkip's, Delcatty's, and Mightyena's natures to know which berry would confuse them.[12] The fact that they are still protecting the scanner hidden on the Abandoned Ship implies incredible loyalty to their original trainer.





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