PokeDex Holder Platinum

Platinum Berlitz
Japanese Name:

プラチナ・ベルリッツ Platinum Berlitz




October 27

Blood Type:



Mr. Berlitz (father) Yanase Berlitz (mother) House of Berlitz


Sandgem Town, Sinnoh


Diamond, Pearl, Looker, Candice, Maylene




Chapter 338

Platinum Berlitz is the heiress to a wealthy family in Sinnoh and is affiliated with Uxie, the Being of Knowledge. Her father is one of Professor Rowan's most trusted assistants, and her mother is also a Pokémon researcher. The Berlitz family has a tradition of bringing metal to the summit of Mt. Coronet to make the family crest.


DP Arc

Platinum goes on a journey around Sinnoh to collect materials used to make her family crest. Her father hires
3 Platinum 1

Platinum in the DP arc

bodyguards, but due to a mixup, she leaves with Diamond and Pearl, believing them to be her bodyguards and them believing her to be their tour guide. Platinum gives them a Turtwig and Chimchar, along with pokédexes, from Professor Rowan.

Platinum Arc

Platinum splits off from Diamond and Pearl, going to the Battle Zone to meet up with Looker, an inspector from the international police. They are investigating the Distortion World and Team Galactic.

Platinum buys a villa in the Resort Area. She senses an oncoming attack and sends out Lopunny to strike first first, but is briefly confused when she realizes her so-called enemy was merely a rock; however, a moment later, Looker stepped out of the rock and initiated their password, causing Platinum to realize that he is her partner. After the previous mess-up in the DP Arc, Platinum has to make absolutely sure: she point-blank asks him if he is a policeman, if he is not actually supposed to be getting a free bicycle ride in Sangem Park, if he isn't really a comedian. When Looker confirms he is who she thinks he is, Platinum can't help but excitedly tell her Pokémon that this time they did it correctly![1]

She and Looker are on the Battle Frontier in order to question the Frontier Brains, whom Looker believes could know something about the Distortion World or Team Galactic. As they are deciding which facility to challenge first, a mechanical Starly guide comes up to them, offering to tell them the rules. Platinum informs it that she has already memorized the rules, which impresses Looker greatly.

Looker's reaction catches the attention of Caitlin, who is passing by. The misunderstanding results in Caitlin's Gallade, believing Looker to be a threat to Caitlin, cutting off Looker's clothes. Platinum and Looker decide to challenge the Battle Castle first.

Platinum proceeds in the rounds but is surprised when she finds out that items are restricted to what you can "buy" with Castle Points (CP), which you earn by winning battles. Platinum, who has grown up in the lap of luxury, has never had to worry about managing her finances;[2] this realization causes Looker to drag Platinum aside and chew her out about her lack of management skills. Platinum becomes depressed and politely requests that he treat her more sensitively.

While Looker cools off, Platinum battles through the rounds all the way to the Frontier Brain battle—against Darach, not Caitlin, to her surprise.

Platinum wins because she successfully managed her finances, allowing her to know all about Darach beforehand and have a useful item. She receives a commemorative print for her win, and Looker gives her a VS Recorder to keep it on.

Looker then questions Darach and Caitlin; neither know anything about the Distortion World, but Darach has heard that Team Galactic has been seen gathering on Stark Mountain.[3]

Platinum and Looker learn more from Buck and that night they discuss it, reflecting that they still have nothing on the Distortion World.

The next morning, Platinum is lured from her villa by the song of a Battle Arcade clown, following him around just to listen to him. After Looker finds her, they enter the Battle Arcade together.[4]


Platinum is a well mannered and elegant member of the House of Berlitz. She is often described as a princess and because of her heritage she starts off as rather aloof and refuses to tell her name to "commoners." By the Platinum Arc, however, she has made an effort to be less so, even biting back on impulse and telling Buck her name.

Platinum is very knowledgeable from reading as she quoted "ten books a day". Because of this she is associated with Uxie. Though she is knowledgeable, since the beginning of her journey she's decided that it's better to experiences things rather that just read about them. For that reason Platinum has taken on Gym battles, Super Contest, Battle Frontier and other types of challenges.



  • Female

Platinum received Empoleon from Professor Rowan.


  • Male


  • Female


Platinum received Pachirisu from Maylene.


  • Female

Platinum received Froslass from Candice.


  • Female

Platinum received Cherrim from Gardenia.



===Pearl=== Platinum does not approve of some of the things he does, but occasionally joins him, and ends up loving it. She also has great respect for him, for being her 'body guard' and his loyalty towards his friends.




  • All of Platinum's Pokémon, except for Rapidash, are female
  • Like Blue Oak, Silver, and Emerald, Platinum does not nickname her Pokémon
    • She is also the only female Pokédex Owner to not nickname her Pokémon.
  • Though Platinum is based off her game counterpart's role as an NPC, she seems to share more qualities with the player character than Diamond (ex. She challenges all of the Sinnoh gyms).
  • As well as Blue Oak, Sapphire, and Y, Platinum has a known last name.
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