The Platinum Arc is the Eighth Chapter of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is thirty-five chapters long, beginning in Chapter 417 and ending in Chapter 441.

It focuses on Platinum and Looker in the Battle Zone as they investigate the Distortion World and Team Galactic. Diamond and Pearl are also featured, researching legendary Pokémon for Professor Rowan.

Volume 38

Chapter 417: VS Lopunny

Chapter 418: VS Porgyon-Z

Chapter 419: VS Gallade I

  • Looker tells Platinum off for her poor managing skills, and Platinum asks him to not be so harsh
  • Platinum challenges Darach

Chapter 420: VS Gallade II

Chapter 421: VS Claydol

  • Buck steals Looker's photograph of Team Galactic and runs off to stop them by himself
  • Platinum and Looker challenge the Battle Arcade

Chapter 422: VS Ivysaur

  • Platinum advances easily through the Battle Arcade, utilizing her skill with the roulette to manipulate the battle in her favor; she reaches Dahlia
  • Buck calls Flint and Volkner, who tell him that Team Galactic may be after the Magma Stone in Stark Mountain
  • Buck encounters Team Galactic and runs to find the Magma Stone first; he finds it

Volume 39

Chapter 423: VS Togekiss

Chapter 424: VS Empoleon

  • An earthquake from Stark Mountain causes Platinum to miss her roulette, allowing Dahlia to spin and get "swap Pokémon"
  • Platinum tells Looker to go to Stark Mountain, she'll handle things here
  • Platinum declares that she wants to go to the Distortion World because "those two" are there
  • She resolves to defeat Dahlia, even if it means that she has to attack her own Pokémon
  • Looker finds Buck, injured, on Stark Mountain; Buck admits that he found the Magma Stone and moved it, awakening Heatran
    • Charon takes control of it

Chapter 425: VS Heatran

  • Charon reveals he knows who Looker is and confirms that he is now the Team Galactic commander
  • Charon reveals that he deliberately used Buck to release Heatran
  • Looker discovers that Team Galactic is also after the Distortion World, just like him and Platinum
  • Platinum defeats Dahlia and receives her commemorative print
  • Dahlia tells Platinum that the Distortion World is the other side of this world, shocking Platinum because that's what Charon told her, and that no one knows how to go there

Chapter 426: VS Kakuna

  • The Battle Frontier's communication system goes down
  • Platinum receives Pachirisu, Cherrim, and Froslass; she immediately sends them, along with her Empoleon, Rapidash, and Lopunny, to Looker's aid
  • Platinum challenges the Battle Factory; Palmer notices her

Chapter 427: VS Seedot

  • Riley tells Palmer that some outside force is interfering with the Battle Frontier's communication system
  • Platinum challenges Thorton

Chapter 428: VS Ledian

  • Platinum defeats Thorton
  • Platinum and Palmer meet
  • Palmer tells Platinum that the Battle Frontier's communication system has been warped by a Pokémon-controlling machine on Stark Mountain

Chapter 429: VS Dragonite

  • Platinum's Pokémon return with the badly beaten Buck and Looker, who are taken to the hospital
    • Marley, Cheryl, and Mira go to visit; Marley is revealed to possess Oak's Letter
  • Platinum defeats Argenta, impressing Palmer greatly
  • Darach finds a mysterious picture of Giratina in the Battle Castle's massive library
  • Platinum meets Riley
  • Palmer and Thorton reveal that the disruption from Stark Mountain has gotten so bad that the Battle Frontier can't contact anyone and can't even access the PC system
  • Platinum reassures Palmer that he is a good father

Chapter 430: VS Rotom

  • Diamond and Pearl go to the Old Chateau to find Rotom, splitting off from Dr. Footstep and the Sinnoh Chairman
  • They obtain the Secret Key, which they later use in Eterna City's Galactic building to reach Rotom
  • Diamond befriends Rotom, and Rotom decides to go with them
  • Giratina arrives in the real world

Volume 40

Chaper 431: Different Dimension Battle I

Chapter 432: Different Dimension Battle II

Chapter 433: Different Dimension Battle III

Chapter 434: Different Dimension Battle IV

Chapter 435: Different Dimension Battle V

Chapter 436: Different Dimension Battle VI

Chapter 437: Different Dimension Battle VII

Chapter 438: Different Dimension Battle VIII

Chapter 439: Different Dimension Battle IX

Chapter 440: Different Dimension Battle X

Chapter 441: Different Dimension Battle XI


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