Pilo (Viz: Troppy)
Species: Tropius
Gender: Male
Current Trainer:


Past Trainer(s):

Professor Birch






Given by her father


56 (RS)


Chapter 213

Pilo is Sapphire's male Tropius, given to her by Professor Birch.


Pilo debuts in Chapter 213.

Sapphire whistles for him so that he can fly her and Flannery up Mt. Chimney to attack Team Aqua. She also reveals that he is her father's Pokémon.[1]

Sapphire and Flannery approach the summit of Mt. Chimney on Pilo, but are attacked by Amber on his Pelipper. A few attacks are exchanged before Sapphire orders Pilo to attack the dangerous machine on the summit; however, Pilo's Magical Leaf is stopped by a shield the machine generates when it gains energy from the Meteorite.[2]

When Sapphire pursues Team Aqua into the darkness below Mt. Chimney, she attacks the darkness with Pilo's SolarBeam, searching for Team Aqua. The attack is returned, so she and Pilo battle against them for a while; however, Sapphire realizes that they have been fooled by Mirror Coat, and in fact were fighting their own reflected attacks the entire time as Team Aqua escaped.

Afterwards, Sapphire flies on Pilo to Fortree City.[3]

Sapphire uses Pilo in a battle against Winona, earning the Feather Badge.[4]

Sapphire sends Pilo out to battle Team Aqua and Team Magma grunts in the Seafloor Cavern.[5]

Pilo trains on Mirage Island.[6]

Known Moves



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