Species: Pikachu
Gender: Male
Current Trainer:


Where Caught:

Pewter City


85 (GSC)


Chapter 4

Pika is Red's male Pikachu. He has a scar on his ear, presumably from his and Red's first battle against Bruno.


Pika is from Viridian Forest. He decided to go to Pewter City.[1]


Pika debuts in Chapter 4.

Volume 1

Pika has been bothering the people of Pewter City and they have finally had enough. Pika has it in hand until Red intervenes and captures him, irritating Pika, who hates being in a pokéball.[2]

Pika and Red continue to not get along until their battle against Brock, when Red earns Pika's respect by diving in to save Pika from one of Onix's attacks. Pika then defeats Onix with a powerful electric attack. Afterwards, Red asks Pika to join him; Pika deviously gives Red an electric shock, but agrees.[3]

Red sends out Pika against a wild Fearow. His initial Thunder Wave misses from the ground, so he jumps into the air and zaps Fearow with electricity, managing to avoid hitting Bill in Fearow's talons.[4]

Later, Pika defends Red from bug Pokémon during a race on Route 11.[5]

Volume 2

Red uses Pika to battle Erika's Vileplume; Pika is seemingly defeated by Petal Dance, but uses Substitute to distract Vileplume and plant himself between Erika and the Eevee she is threatening. Erika admires Pika for his bravery and selflessness, using his last remaining energy to defend Eevee's life.[6]

Volume 3

Pika's Substitute manages to pass through the impenetrable psychic barrier surrounding Saffron City, and with Blue's Golduck guidance, finds and knocks out the Mr. Mime creating it.[7]

Because of Lt. Surge's insulated suit, Pika's electric attacks are useless against him.

Pika's ThunderShock and Blue's Porygon's Tri-Attack knock out Koga after Blue's Charizard uses flames to melt Articuno's ice encasing Red and Blue.[8]

Red sends Pika to attack Sabrina when she finds him with the Pokémon Badge Energy Amplifier, but Pika recognizes "Sabrina" to actually be Green with Ditty. When the real Sabrina comes in, Red tries to use the Amplifier on Pika, but nothing happens (because Green lied to him).[9]

Pika later accompanies Red to Cerulean Cave, but a twister forces Red to return him. He is later let out to launch himself at Mewtwo, carrying a Master Ball. He successfully captures Mewtwo.[10]

Pika is happy to be home when Red passes through Viridian Forest. Red encounters and saves a little girl, and then lends Pika to her so that she could capture her first Pokémon.[11]

During Red's battle with Giovanni, Pika's pokéball is thrown underground by Rhydon's Fissure. However, Pika manages to propel his pokéball up into Red's hand, giving Red access to one of his Pokémon. Pika charges up for Thunderbolt while in his ball—Red is protected by the insulated gloves he took from Lt. Surge—and unleashes a massive attack that knocks out Nidoqueen and does significant damage to Giovanni.[12]

Pika is sent out against Blue's Ninetales during Red's Champion match against him. The hot air rising from Ninetales' Fire Blast lifts Pika to the ceiling and pins him there, unintentionally allowing him to release electricity to interact with all the water vapor in the air.[13]

Known Moves

  • Thunder Wave[14]
  • "Toxic Tail Whip"[15]
  • Substitute[16]
  • Thunderbolt[17]
  • Rage
  • Thunder
  • Bide
  • ThunderShock[18][19]
  • Flash
  • Iron Tail
  • Surf
  • Volt Tackle


  • Chapter 14: 21 (55HP)[20]
  • Chapter 27: 30[21]
  • Chapter 40: 51[22]
  • Chapter 180: 85[23]


Pika is often the one who causes trouble, especially in his earlier appearances when he and Red didn't see eye to eye. Seeing as his nature is Sassy, he is, well, very sassy. His facial expressions could speak louder than words, adding a little bit of comedy to his character. He has a strong sense of commitment to Red, and when something is wrong, his only concern is toward Red's welfare.

However, Pika's main trait, as it is stated above, is his sass; he loves to back-talk with a sort of devil may care attitude. His sassy behavior makes him slightly arrogant as well, as it was quite tough for Red to convince him that they were supposed to be friends.

He is also Red's most persistent Pokemon, wasting no time in trying to find help if Pika knows that Red can't help himself. It's also notable that he is the only one of Red's Pokemon to find a mate, which shows a tender side to Pika.

Overall, when compared to the original trio, which consists of Saur, Pika, and Poli, Pika is the vain rebellious smart-alleck who is always ready with an insult of some kind, and a good laugh on occasion.

*The above can be detected through the character's body language, facial expressions, etc.


  • Pika is Red's highest-leveled Pokemon, even besting Saur in this regard.
  • Pika shares traits with Ash's Pikachu: both have taken down Pokémon who have a type advantage over them with attacks that normally wouldn't have done damage to them, and both were once untrusting of humans.
  • Pika's climactic defeat of Giovanni's Nidoqueen was a factual error, as Nidoqueen—a ground-type—is immune to the Thunderbolt that supposedly knocked out it.


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