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Phoebe is a member of the Hoenn Elite Four. She trains ghost-type Pokémon.


Phoebe debuts in Chapter 245.

Steven Stone hunts down each member of the Elite Four to get them involved in the crisis fermenting in Hoenn.[1] He has them gather at Ever Grande City, which they leave together.[2] They go to Lilycove City, where the arrive in time for Steven to save Wallace from Mitch.[3] Steven then sends the Elite Four to their assigned posts.

Phoebe goes to Slateport City, where she arrives in time to save the swimmer and the blind boy from a collapsing building. She calls Steven so that he can talk with the blind boy.[4]


Phoebe addresses everyone as "dear": for example, "Steven dear" or "Jackpot, dear."



Dusclops debuts in Chapter 251.

It poses with Phoebe and the rest of the Elite Four.[5] It later saves the swimmer and the blind boy from a falling building by using Shadow Punch to shatter the falling rocks.[6]

Known Moves:

  • Shadow Punch[7]


Sidney, Glacia, and Drake

Steven Stone



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