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Ocean bleu

Ocean Bleu (オーシャンブルー Ōshanburū) Is a character set in another time line ahead of the others. She as a future character is not in fact, in the anime. Ocean's mother and father died in a house fire as her and her sister Star Bleu were the only two who made it out alive. Her and her sister were stuck wondering in the woods until later found by Olivia Aura.


Ocean Bleu lived in the woods with her family, mother, father and sister Star. Their house burned down at when they were at the age of 9. It was night when it happened and her and her sister ran as far and as fast as possible away, just as their parents said to. They soon came across a cave and tried their best to stay alive and managed to for 4 years. At the age of 13 they were found by Olivia Aura and brought back to her place. There they stayed for 3 years then after the feeling of troubling the family for so long, they made a secret plan, saved money, and moved out. OCEAN BLEU

Current place in time

A few years in the future Ocean and Star are friends with Olivia Aura, Japanese: オーシャンブ ルー Silver Saki, Blue Oak, Gold, Red, yellow, green, Crystal, Ruby, Emerald, Name Ōshanburū Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum Berlitz, Black, White, Lack-Two, Gender: Female Whi-Two, X and Y. Both Ocean and Star have moved into houses of Age: 20 their own. Ocean is actually living with her current boyfriend, Blue Oak. Birthday: December 25 Their relationship began 2 years after Via (Olivia Aura) introduced them. Blood Type: A It began shortly after the They got trapped in the cave. Showing more Family: Star Bleu than enough affection for both to know, making his feelings clear, risking Relationship: Blue Oak his life for hers. Every objection she made, he stopped her in her tracks making her safety his first priority. And ever since, they've been together, Blue constantly scared that he was going to loose her (still is).


Ocean is very calm to the outside person, but to those who know her, know that she is a very happy and upbeat person. Ocean is always up for having a good time as long as it's with her friends. Her emotions are always everywhere, as she is very fragile. But don't take her sweet and innocent outlook for granted, as if you get into a fight with her, well let's just say hospital, unless the fights are with blue (rare but it happens), then she runs until she's lost in the forest and he has to come find her, dry her tears, and give her a hug. Ocean loves life and the people around her, and will always put them first, even if it means her life.

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