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センリ Senri






Ruby (son), unnamed wife


Littleroot Town, Hoenn (born in Johto)


Balance badge


Professor Birch, Wally


Gym Leader


Chapter 181

Norman is the gym leader of the Balance Badge in Petalburg City. He is Ruby's father.


Months prior to the opening of the RS Arc, Norman held a phone call with his wife. In it, he revealed his intention to permit Ruby to participate in Hoenn's contests. He wanted to move to Hoenn on Ruby's eleventh birthday and announce it at his surprise birthday party that day.[1]


RS Arc (181-267)

Months before the opening of the RS Arc, Norman held a telephone conversation with his wife in which he confided to her that he was willing to allow Ruby to participate in contests because he wants Ruby to mature. Norman tells her that he'd rather Ruby did battles, as he has even more skill in battle than Norman himself has, but Ruby could do what he wanted with his life.[2]

For Ruby's birthday, Norman bought him some very exclusive Running Shoes that almost run for you. He had to specially ask his friend, Professor Birch, to get them from the Devon Corporation, and they are rare enough that Birch was able to identify Ruby just by the shoes.

Volume 15

Norman debuts in Chapter 181.

Norman has just become the leader of Petalburg Gym and is giving an interview. As part of it, he masterfully defeats a multitude of opponents on camera, impressing the interviewer. He tells her that his family is moving to Hoenn today.

His wife calls him when she figures out that Ruby has run away from home, infuriating Norman. When Birch suggests that they call the police, Norman says that it isn't necessary: Norman will look for Ruby himself. Norman ends the call by crushing the phone in his hand.

At some point, Norman had agreed to teach Wally, a Petalburg City resident, how to catch a Pokémon; however, he finds out from Wally's parents that Wally is very ill and physically weak because of it, and moreover, is moving away soon. Norman goes to meet with Wally, as arranged, but finds no one there. A wild Breloom passes and Norman's Vigoroth defeats it; Norman then calls out for them to reveal themselves, and Wally pops up out of a bush, eager for his lesson. But Norman tells him he won't teach Wally to catch a Pokémon because of his condition.

An instinct makes Norman send out Slaking to use Swagger, disorienting anyone in the area, and searches for some interloper. He finds nothing. Satisfied there is no one else, unaware of Ruby literally hidden under his feet (under the ledge he stands on), Norman leaves.

At some point after turning Wally down, Norman asks an old man to keep an eye on Wally's skills at Verdanturf Town.[3]

Volume 17

Norman is next seen in Slateport City, where he has realized Ruby had vanished with the mysterious red gang that attacked Captain Stern. He interrupts a conversation between a reporter eyewitness to a previous conflict and Captain Stern.[4]

The reporter is excited that a strong gym leader seems interested in helping her investigate, but Norman immediately kills that idea, declaring that he is only interested in his son. Norman strides in and takes control, looking at the security tapes he does not have clearance to see. He then dives into the water and determines the sea current, picturing the path it would have taken Ruby on. Norman then jumps onto a water vehicle and takes off.[5]

He confronts Ruby at the Weather Institute, using the PokéBlocks in Ruby's PokéBlock case to lure Ruby's Marshtomp onto the roof of the building, and noticing his Marshtomp's absence, Ruby is not far behind. Ruby is stunned to see Norman, asking stutteringly what Norman is doing here. Norman responds that he can read Ruby like a book: kids can't hide anything from their parents. Norman then hurls Ruby down the stairs and into a wall.[6]

Aftwards, Norman picks Ruby up by the collar of his shirt. He demands to know why Ruby ran away from home; Ruby croaks for Norman to release him. Norman punches him in the face, sending Ruby sprawling down the stairs again. He shouts for Ruby to answer him. When Ruby doesn't, Norman's Slaking grabs the stairs Ruby is on and tears it out of the cement, almost throwing Ruby off and down to the ground. Arms crossed, face cold, Norman watches Ruby cling for his life.

Ruby attacks Norman, shouting for a battle, but Norman is unimpressed; having been the one to teach Ruby's Delcatty and Mightyena their moves, Iron Tail and Hyper Beam, they can't take him by surprise. Norman says scornfully that there's no way for Ruby to beat him like that.

Ruby points out that though Norman is intimately familiar with his Delcatty and Mightyena, is not with Ruby's Marshtomp. Norman is suddenly under barrage from Mud Shot: Delcatty's and Mightyena's attacks had been a diversion to distract Norman from Marshtomp channeling his Mud Shot through the gutters and pipes of the roof, springing a surprise attack on Norman.[7]

Norman's Vigoroth uses Focus Punch to redirect the Mud Shot balls back at Ruby. Norman and Ruby continue to battle brutally, until Norman's Slaking wrenches the stairs Ruby is standing on. Ruby starts to slide down the stairs, straight at Slaking, but he catches a pipe and uses it to anchor the stairs. For a moment, they are still, and Norman extends a hand to Ruby, asking him to stop being so stubborn and to come quietly.

Ruby reacts violently, twisting the pipe he'd used to point it at Norman; one of Marshtomp's Mud Shot attacks comes out of it, but before it can hit the unprepared Norman, the sun grows suddenly hot and powerful, causing the mud to dry and disintegrate before it can strike Norman. Then the pipe the stairs are anchored on gives out, threatening to dump Ruby into empty air and certain death, impaled on the pipes and broken tree trunks below.


Norman lunges forward, trying to save Ruby, as Ruby looks up at him desperately.[8] He grabs Ruby as they fall, and he grabs a pipe with his other hand. They dangle, but then the pipe breaks and they fall. Norman yells for Ruby to use his Running Shoes—Norman's birthday gift to Ruby—and the shoes manage to propel them into bushes instead of impaling themsleves on pipes.

Norman stands, seeming to lift a pokéball threateningly at the unconscious Ruby, but his pokégear rings. Winona appears and tells Norman off for leaving his gym and for causing damage to the Weather Institute, and orders him to come with her. Before he leaves, he tells Ruby that he had better accomplish his goal to conquer Hoenn's contests, acknowledging Ruby as a "man." Norman also returns Ruby's PokéBlock case to him and tells him to call his mother sometimes.[9]

Volume 18

Norman goes to a gym leaders' meeting in Fortree City. He listens to the problems Teams Aqua and Magma present and when the gym leaders take a vote to decide which side to support, they look to Norman to break the tie; however, Norman declares that he will support neither and thus abstains. He leaves, irritating the other gym leaders with his perceived arrogance.

After he leaves, he is attacked by a wild Shiftry. He easily defeats it with Slaking. Wattson, who had followed him out, says that Norman is the strongest gym leader. He also admits to being aware of Norman's past altercation with the Pokémon Association, but Norman lifts a hand to stop him from saying more, and leaves.[10]

Volume 20

On some sea route, Norman watches Wally make a very risky move to try to save a Treecko. Hidden by a veil of water, he demands to know why Wally would do it; Wally's answer—that he trusts his Pokémon—satisfies Norman, and he reveals himself, declaring that he will train Wally. (Back in Petalburg City, he had refused to.) He is also pleased to see that Ruby's Ralts is with Wally, wondering to himself if it is fate.[11]

He gives Wally special cuffs to wear; the cuffs are special pieces of technology to store pokéballs in and to send their Pokémon out. He assigns Wally a test: to reach the final floor of Sky Pillar. He leaves a Mach Bike in Sky Pillar for Wally to use, and then presumably flies to the top floor on Flygon to wait for him. As he waits, he speaks with the old man who he'd asked to keep an eye on Wally via pokégear. When the man expresses concern for Wally, Norman ruthlessly quashes it and sharply tells the man that he's supposed to contact Scott, not spy on Norman.

When Wally reaches the top, Norman analyzes his strategy and gives him the Flygon. Brushing off Wally's thanks, Norman tells him to prepare for the next task.

Norman thinks to himself that Wally must set his goals higher; he must reach the very rooftop of Sky Pillar, where that Pokémon awaits. Wally's adventures have only begun; he will have to join Ruby and Sapphire in the upcoming major battle. Wally has an important mission.[12]

Volume 21

Even as the crisis in Hoenn worsens, Norman continues to train Wally. He receives a call from Scott telling him that Groudon and Kyogre are fighting in Sootopolis City, and that Norman's own son is a host to a Jewel. Norman decides that there is no time left and tells Wally that they are going to awaken Rayquaza, who sleeps at the top of Sky Pillar. Norman would do it himself, except that the passageways are tiny and only a child can fit through them. Using a set of chains from below, Norman can open the passageways for Wally. Wally's role was originally intended for Ruby, as Norman wanted for he and his son to do this together.

Norman and Wally succeed in awakening Rayquaza, and Norman flies off on Rayquaza to Sootopolis City, leaving Wally, unconscious, at the top of Sky Pillar. Norman is going to save his son.[13]


Norman has quite a temper and is rather intimidating. He is also dedicated and rather harsh.

The author describes him: "Ruby's father is one of the strongest fighters ever seen. His never-ending pursuit of strength ensures that he will be a major power booster if he fights in the frontline, against the two forces."[14]



Known Moves:


Known Moves:

Slaking is very physically strong, even tearing a set of stairs out of cement.[17]

"It has a might that nobody can match! It can wrench anything apart!"[18]







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