Japanese Name:

ダツラ Datsura






Knowledge Symbol


Hoenn Frontier Brains


Frontier Brain


Emerald Arc

Noland is the Factory Head of the Battle Factory. He is a Frontier Brain of Hoenn; his symbol is the Knowledge Symbol.


Noland attends the press conference that Emerald interrupts. Noland is deeply offended by Emerald's irreverence and declares that he will be the first that Emerald challenges, saying that there is not a shred of knowledge in Emerald.

Noland watches Emerald fight his way through the CPU trainers, slowly realizing that there is more to Emerald than what meets the eye.

They battle. Emerald starts out with Linoone holding the Choice Band, which restricts Linoone to one move: Frustration. Noland begins with a Mawile. Mawile manages to defeat Linoone, but after Emerald sends out a Pinsir, Noland quickly realizes that perhaps he didn't truly win; Linoone had swapped its item with Mawile's, restricting Mawile to the first move it used after donning the Choice Band. This move is Iron Defense. It completely cripples Mawile's offensive capability and Pinsir takes it down after a few Swords Dances to power up.

Pinsir is immediately taken out by Noland's next Pokémon, a Golem. Noland and Golem put up a good fight against Emerald's Sceptile but are ultimately taken out. Noland's final Pokémon is a Glalie, giving him a type advantage. Not only that, but Glalie knows Sheer Cold, a one-hit KO attack. Emerald has Sceptile use Detect to avoid it, but Glalie finally hits; however, Glalie wavers, as Emerald and Sceptile had secretly used Leech Seed on it. Emerald then reveals that Sceptile is not unconscious and Sceptile knocks out Glalie with a powerful Iron Tail.

Noland doffs his cap in amazement and respect, and he and Emerald have a friendly, eager conversation about the battle before being mobbed by the press.

Noland later discovers that the Sceptile Emerald used to defeat him is not one of his rental Pokémon; however, he is then attacked by Guile Hideout. His injuries are so severe that he has to go to the hospital.

He appears later, after Emerald's battle with Greta. He says that he scraped the sword of his attacker and by analyzing the properties of its metal had determined that the sword had the combined power of Reflect and Light Screen in it, making not only an offensive weapon but a powerful defense. He also inquires after Jirachi, wanting to do research of his own.




  • Male
  • Item: Lum Berry

Known Moves:

  • Iron Defense
  • Focus Punch
  • Flamethrower
  • Crunch


  • Male

Known Moves:

  • Rock Slide
  • Earthquake
  • Double-Edge
  • Explosion


  • Male
  • Item: Chesto Berry

Known Moves:

  • Sheer Cold
  • Ice Beam
  • Rest
  • Crunch



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