Nimbasa City is located in Unova. It houses an amusement park, a Pokémon Gym, the Pokémon Musical, and the Battle Subway. Its gym leader is Elesa.

Significant Events


Pokémon Gym

Nimbasa City Gym is run by Elesa. It is an electric-type gym.

Amusement Park


The Ferris wheel

Nimbasa City's amusement park has a Ferris wheel. N kidnaps White and forces her to ride the Ferris wheel with him in order to let the Team Plasma grunt she'd captured escape. While on the Ferris wheel, they have a heart-to-heart regarding their beliefs about Pokémon, in which N tries to understand White but ultimately fails, and in which White realizes her view of Pokémon might be fatally flawed.

Starting to panic, White jumps from the Ferris wheel, encouraging her Pokabu to do the same, but Pokabu decides to go with N. Instead, N's Servine follows White's lead and jumps from the Ferris wheel.

Battle Subway

(See Battle Subway)

Nimbasa City's Battle Subway is a brand new facility to test trainers' skills. It was first tested by Alder and Marshal, and Black was invited to give it a beta run as well. However, afraid that it would upset White, Black declines, but to his surprise White decides to challenge the facility herself.


White attempts to capture a Deerling but fails badly. Servine intervenes to save her, and Black decides to teach White how to catch a Pokémon. He succeeds at capturing a Tirtouga and she the Deerling.



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