The New Mauville Generator is a semi-sentient electrical generator in New Mauville.


It debuts in Chapter 204.

It captures Wattson because it is drawn to his electric-type Pokémon.[1] It attacks Sapphire, Coil-Boy, and Wattson's Electrike.

They defeat the generator by using Wattson's Electrike's Lightning Rod to attract the generator's attack while Donphan attacked the generator and Sapphire rescued Wattson.

After it is defeated, Coil-Boy realizes that the generator was built by his ancestor, Konkonsai, as a machine to play with children.[2]

Coil-Boy modifies the generator so that it has wings, and flies on it to Sootopolis City to help in the battle against Groudon and Kyogre. It uses its electrical power to blast a hole in the barrier around the battlefield, enabling Sapphire and Wallace to come to Ruby's aid. The generator tries to stop Archie and Maxie as they escape, but fails.[3]



The generator can produce a magnetic field so powerful it can affect the sense of balance of anyone nearby.

It has two main abilities: "Absorb" and "Release." Absorb takes in electric energy, rendering it harmless, and release unleashing electricity as an attack. This means that it must absorb before it can release, creating a moment vulnerable to attack.

The generator is mobile: it can run around, and after Coil-boy's modifications, it can fly.


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