Z nana

Species: Poochyena→Mightyena
Gender: Female
Current Trainer:









Chapter 181

Nana is Ruby's female Mightyena. She has been with Ruby since Ruby's childhood.

Nana competes in coolness contests.



Nana debuts in Chapter 181.

Nana moves with Ruby to Littleroot Town.[1]

Ruby confides his plan to run away to his Pokémon. When on Route 101, he uses Nana to ineffectually fight the two wild Mightyena who attack Professor Birch. They then flee and run off a cliff. Nana either doesn't pass out or wakes up before Ruby. She wakes Ruby up by licking his face repeatedly. When Sapphire startles them, Ruby has Nana attack the supposed "talking Pokémon."[2]


Nana evolves

Nana evolves in Chapter 194, fighting against wild Mawile.


Nana is offered a berry by Plusle and Minun, which gives her the confused status affliction.[3]

Ruby sends out Nana to use Hyper Beam against Norman's Slaking as a distraction to cover up Zuzu's Mud Shot.[4]

Nana wins the normal-rank coolness contest in Verdanturf, and later fights against Marge.[5]

Near Fortree, Ruby sends out Nana to protect himself and Sapphire when they are attacked by a stampede of Grumpig. Nana unintentionally reveals Ruby's lies to Sapphire. Nana then fends off Rono's attacks.[6]

Ruby apologizes to Nana and the rest of his Pokémon when Mimi leaves and they help him look for her.

Ruby sends Nana out to battle grunts in the Seafloor Cavern.[7] He later sends Nana out during the battle against Maxie and Archie, though Nana is repulsed by the power of the Jewels.[8]

Known Moves


The author describes Nana: "It rules the cool department and has a stubborn streak."[12]



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