Mt. Coronet is the highest peak in the Sinnoh region. Mt. Coronet runs all along the center of Sinnoh, thus dividing the whole region. The mountain stretches from between Route 207 and Route 208 in the south all the way up to Route 216 in the north, leading up to Snowpoint City.


Ancient Times

According to legend, Mt. Coronet was the place where the creation of the world began.[1] After the Sinnoh region was created by the Pokémon Arceus, it raised up Mt. Coronet and designated the Spear Pillar as the resting ground for the Dialga and the Palkia.

DP Arc

Diamond and Pearl are mistaken by Platinum as her bodyguards, whom she takes with her on her journey to the summit of Mt. Coronet to gather the metal necessary to make the Berlitz family's coat of arms. Upon reaching it in Chapter 349, Pearl calls it "...the enormous roof that separates the region..."


  1. Pokémon Adventures: Chapter 349

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