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Mr. Fuji





Lavender Town


Chapter 13

Mr. Fuji is an old man who lives in Lavender Town, Kanto.


Mr. Fuji debuts in Chapter 13.

Two weeks before his debut, Mr. Fuji met Blue. They took a photo together with Mr. Fuji's Doduo. Blue scoffed at tales of ghosts in Lavender Tower, going there to presumably disprove them.

Sometime between Blue's departure and Red's arrival, Mr. Fuji's Doduo died.

While visiting the grave of his Doduo, Mr. Fuji spots Red, who is wandering around Lavender Town. He invites Red back to his house and gives him something to drink. Mr. Fuji shares stories about Lavender Tower and Doduo. When Red asks about the photograph, Mr. Fuji tells him about Blue. He does not accompany Red to Lavender Tower.[1]

After Red and Blue return from Lavender Tower, Mr. Fuji thanks Red for everything he's done. Red responds that Blue is the one who deserves thanks, but Blue has already walked away before Mr. Fuji can thank him.[2]


Mr. Fuji is kind and wise.



Mr. Fuji's Doduo died shortly before Chapter 13.


  • Mr. Fuji's name comes from Mt. Fuji, the name of a very large mountain in Japan that is sometimes regarded as sacred.
  • Mr. Fuji uses a cane.


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