Mr. Briney is a retired fisherman of Hoenn. He debuts at the end of Chapter 190.


Mr. Briney, who is retired, comes out of retirement briefly when he hears that a Relicanth has been spotted. He clearly holds great passion for it, raving about its rarity and how ancient it is.

While fishing for Relicanth, Briney finds Ruby, floating and unconscious in the middle of the sea. Briney hauls him in with a fishing net. When Ruby wakes up, Briney introduces himself, not asking any questions about why Ruby was stranded in the middle of the ocean. When Ruby asks him why he doesn't ask about it, Briney responds that fishermen aren't nosy people. Ruby explains what happened and Briney remarks that there have been a lot of earthquakes near Sootopolis recently. Briney adds that, beside earthquakes, it's always good to know nature well in general: for example, seeing a flock of seagull ahead of them, Briney knows that he will find lots of fish beneath them because Wingull always flock to the spots where fishing is rich. There is always more to learn from nature and Pokémon.

Briney gets a Crawdaunt caught on his fishing rod, though he initially believes it could be Relicanth; the Crawdaunt surfaces and throws Briney into the water, where he shouts that Crawdaunt are found in rivers and streams, not in the middle of the ocean.

Briney passes out and wakes up some time later, only to find the Crawdaunt tied up. Stunned, Briney demands to know what happened—but Ruby waves it off, saying that a wave had rocked the boat, causing Crawdaunt to fall and knock itself out; similarly, a wave had helped push Briney back into the boat. Briney can tell that Ruby is lying; Briney recognizes that Crawdaunt has been charmed, there are dents in his deck, and there are cracks in Crawdaunt's supposedly infallible armor.

In a display of impressive intelligence, Briney puts together what happened: Skitty's Cute Charm infatuated Crawdaunt, and an extremely powerful Double Edge took it out. Not only that, but Skitty used a circular motion to build power and speed, hit Crawdaunt multiple times prior to the full attack to increase the chance of infatuation, and reduce the recoil damage. He is stunned at Ruby's hidden skill, but decides not to press him about it, merely telling Ruby that he can talk to Briney about anything.

At some point, Briney gives Ruby a book on Hoenn's water-type Pokémon, showing him a pricture of a Milotic as proof that there are beautiful water Pokémon, as Ruby had earlier complained about the ugliness of Briney's Pokémon.[1]

When he and Ruby reach Dewford, they immediately see Sapphire, who explains their rivalry to Briney, exasperating him and amusing him. Ruby thanks Briney and runs off.

Briney intends to search for Relicanth after dropping Ruby off at Dewford while he investigates Hoenn's recent earthquakes.[2]


Briney is an experienced and knowledgeable fisherman with a respect for people's privacy. He is far from meek, with a strong, independent personality. Briney is also physically strong. He shows an unusual breadth knowledge about Pokémon.


Peeko (Wingull)

Peeko is female. She was the one to find Ruby.

Known moves: Quick Attack

Gills (Whiscash)

Whiscash's whiskers allow it to warn Mr. Briney of impending earthquakes. He stays in a huge terrarium in Mr. Briney's boat.

Huntail, Barboach, and Magikarp

These three stay in a huge terrarium in Mr. Briney's boat with Whiscash.

Three Wailmers

He catches them during his first conversation with Ruby.



He thinks Ruby is a strange boy after Ruby complains that Relicanth isn't beautiful at all. He also wonders why Ruby hides so much, but doesn't press him about it, instead offering himself as a listening ear should Ruby need one.


  • Mr. Briney is really tall
  • The name of his boat is the Big Whale


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