Mitch (Viz: Tabitha)
Japanese Name:

ホムラ Homura




Team Magma,


Team Magma Admin


Chapter 198

Mitch is one of the Three Fires of Team Magma.


Volume 16

He and Marge are sent to find the scanner hidden on the Abandoned Ship. They arrive on their Swellows. Mitch immediately takes offense when Marge suggests that he go on into the ship while she stays back as the lookout, grabbing her by the collar and demanding to know if she was ordering him around. Marge soothes him by having a coin toss, which ends in him going on into the Abandoned Ship and Marge remaining behind.

On the ship, Mitch comes across Ruby, who has found a mysterious door that could have something valuable behind it. Mitch gives Ruby a blow to the back of the head, knocking him out, and kicks down the door. There he finds the scanner, the object of his and Marge's mission.

When he exits, he finds Marge, who is looking for the escaped Sapphire. Looking around, Mitch realizes that Ruby's body has somehow disappeared. The pair are attacked by a Plusle and Minun, who have teamed up with Ruby and Sapphire. Mitch and Marge are surrounded by Double Team and then shocked with electricity, but Mitch's Torkoal quickly knocks Minun aside and stomps on Plusle, ending the fight.

Mitch watches as Marge works out a deal with Ruby. After Ruby and Sapphire have escaped, he remarks to Marge that he's grateful they still have the scanner; upon Marge's impatient prompting, Mitch suddenly realizes that he never really saw Ruby's face, making him only an elusive silhouette.[1]

Volume 18

Mitch goes to Mt. Chimney, but fails in foiling Team Aqua: his attempt with Flannery to revive Mt. Chimney does not work. After swearing revenge on Aqua, he leaves, going to meet with Maxie, Marge, and Mack on Route 111 to report the unfortunate news.[2]

Volume 19

Mitch and some Team Magma grunts accompany Maxie and Team Aqua to the Seafloor Cavern in the Kaien I.[3] Mitch's Torkoal's attacks manage to awaken Groudon.[4]

Volume 20

In the Seafloor Cavern, Maxie, unable to simultaneously control both Kyogre and Groudon with the Blue and Red Jewels, asks Mitch to control Kyogre for him. Recognizing that the Jewels react adversely to each other, Mitch puts some distance between him and Maxie.

However, he is attacked by Amber's Volbeat. Mitch tries to escape in the Kaien I, but Amber traps him and steals the Blue Jewel. Archie then dooms them by removing the key component of the Kaien I and sending them out on auto pilot, thus ensuring that the deep sea pressure would kill them.[5]


Mitch initially appears to be your stereotypical bumbling oaf: unintelligent, lumbering large, and uncouth. A definite case of brawn, not brains.



Torkoal debuts in Chapter 198.

Known Moves:


Swellow debuts in Chapter 198.

Mitch flies on Swellow to arrive at the Abandoned Ship.



Mitch and Marge do not seem to get along at all, Mitch perhaps feeling like she's mocking him, and Marge considering him stupid and slow.



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