Japanese Name:

カスミ Kasumi




Cascade Badge


Chapter 6

Misty is the gym leader of the Cascade Badge in Cerulean City.


Misty has red hair with a ponytail on the side of her head. Her first outfit is a tube top with a white stripe around the top and cream colored shorts. Her second outfit is more conservative as it is a shirt that only comes up over her navel as well as the same shorts.



Misty debuts in Chapter 6.

Misty first appears fighting against a Gyarados with her Staryu; the Gyarados is her own, but was stolen from her a week ago, returning only now completely enraged and prompting her to track it down. Gyarados knocks out Staryu and Red appears, sending out Saur to battle Gyarados and surprising Misty. Misty rejoins the battle when she tells her Staryu to use Recover, and she and Red defeat Gyarados together with a BubbleBeam/Vine Whip combo. Red captures the Gyarados.

Misty explains the situation with Gyarados and thanks Red for his help. She confesses to no knowledge of the thieves and accompanies Red when he calls Professor Oak for advice on the matter. Oak tells them that it was probably Team Rocket. Upon hearing Oak say that Team Rocket is likely aiming to obtain a Moonstone in Mt. Moon, Misty volunteers to go after them with Red, especially since she has to go through Mt. Moon to get home to Cerulean City and she is familiar with trainers inside Mt. Moon. On top of that, there are water-type Pokémon inside Mt. Moon and she is a water Pokémon expert. She leads the way.[1]

Misty and Red go to Mt. Moon, where they find Team Rocket grunts guarding the entrance. She and Red sneak through some bushes and go in. It is very dark, so Red lets out Pikachu. They wander around until they stumble across Koga and his Rhyhorn.

Misty lets Red battle him until Koga pulls out a syringe and injects Rhyhorn, forcing it to evolve; at this point Misty speaks up, demanding to know if Team Rocket did that to her Gyarados. When Koga responds tauntingly, saying that he can't remember every Pokémon he's experimented on, Misty is provoked, attacking his new Rhydon with her Staryu. Staryu uses a water-type attack, which Koga turns against her with Horn Drill. This throws Misty back into the wall, causing her to hit her head and collapse, unconscious.

Red defeats Koga and carries Misty out of Mt. Moon. She wakes up as they exit, immediately punching Red for perceived perversion. Red brags to her of his victory, embarrassing her, and Misty snaps that since they didn't get the Moon Stone, it was useless anyway. Red then reveals that he found the Moon Stone, making Misty happy and exclaiming that Red is awesome.[2]

She and Red arrive at Cerulean City, where she brings Red to her mansion, where they are cleaned up and their Pokémon healed. She dresses up for dinner, embarrassing Red, who hadn't dressed up. During dinner, Red brags about his victory in Mt. Moon, upsetting Misty. She thinks that he isn't really taking Team Rocket seriously, telling him that he needs to train because next time there will be a stronger member of Team Rocket to fight. Does he want to get hurt?

She storms off, tears in her eyes. That night she secretly attacks Red, making his room into a whirlwind and tossing him around. She leaves a Gyarados scale in his room.

The next day, she finds Red declaring that he's going to beat Cerulean's gym leader. She offers to escort him to the gym, taking him along. When they arrive, she tells him that she is the gym leader. When Red doesn't take her seriously, she lets out her Starmie, attacking him. Red sends out his Bulbasaur, using Vine Whip, but Misty easily counters with BubbleBeam.
She then delivers an emotional speech about how she just now stopped him so easily, yet she hadn't been able to defeat Team Rocket at Mt. Moon. She tells him that they need teamwork. They resolve to work together and train for a few days until Misty deems Red ready, giving him the Cascade Badge and seeing him off. She says that she hopes they'll meet again someday.[3]

Misty is next seen some time later. She and Gyarados rescue Red from drowning, though, peculiarly, Misty has a mermaid tail, causing Red to mistake her for a mermaid. Misty and Gyarados defeat the Dragonite who is threatening Red and then Misty scolds Red for being reckless, telling him that if he wants to cross the ocean, he should come to her, the water-type Pokémon expert.[4]




Misty caught Gyarados as a Magikarp; however, he was stolen from her by Team Rocket and forced to evolve into Gyarados, making him rampage. He was then caught by Red and returned to Misty.

Known Moves:

  • Hyper Beam


Known Moves:

  • Recover
  • BubbleBeam



Misty and Red meet in Chapter 6, becoming friends in the process. It was also heavily implied that she has a crush on him.






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