Mirage Island Man
Gender: Male
Hometown: Possibly Pacifidlog Town
Friends: Scott, Norman, Wally
Debut: Chapter 240

The Mirage Island Man is an old man whose name is unknown. He likely lives in Pacifidlog Town.


He debuts in Chapter 240.

Prior to his debut, on Norman's request, he goes to Verdanturf's hospital to keep an eye on Wally. He is impressed by Wally and asks him to come with him to Pacifidlog Town, where the air is also clean. They became close.

He keeps watch for Mirage Island from a tower in Pacifidlog, and even after the battle between Kyogre and Groudon made conditions dangerous in Pacifidlog, he initially refuses to leave. He and Wally come to a compromise, agreeing to stay one more day before retreating to shelter. Secretly, the Mirage Island Man is also waiting for Norman to arrive.

On their last day in Pacifidlog, Wally saves him from falling out the window when a powerful wave rocks the tower. They set out on Route 123 to go to shelter, and the man watches Wally rescue a Treecko. Norman shows up in time to see him do so and greets the Mirage Island Man, who reveals to Wally that he has been acting on Norman's request.[1]

When Norman offers Wally training, the man encourages Wally to accept it, pointing out that it's what his Pokémon want, too. He accompanies them to Sky Pillar, and after Wally begins to ascend it, the old man calls Norman on his pokégear, questioning whether Wally can do it. Norman tells him off harshly and curtly reminds him that the Mirage Island Man that he's supposed to be calling Scott, not spying on Norman. The Mirage Island Man does so.[2]




Norman asked for the Mirage Island Man's assistance with Wally, but when he feels that the Mirage Island Man is too concerned for Wally's safety—rather than the future of Hoenn—he responds sharply, telling the Mirage Island Man he is supposed to be calling Scott, not spying on Norman. The Mirage Island Man, however, doesn't seem to take offense.


The Mirage Island Man seems to work for him in some capacity.


The Mirage Island Man found Wally at the Verdanturf hospital and invited him to come back to Pacifidlog Town with him to recuperate in its clean air. They became friends. The Mirage Island Man gives Wally advice as needed, and worries about him.


  • The Mirage Island Man is very, very short
  • He wears a cloak


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