Mimi (Viz: Feefee)
Species: Feebas→Milotic
Gender: Female
Current Trainer:



Swift Swim→Marvel Scale

Where Caught:

Route 118


Chapter 206

Mimi is Ruby's female Milotic.


Mimi debuts in Chapter 206.

RS Arc

Volume 17


Ruby unknowingly drops his PokéNav into the river of Route 119. Mimi finds it and tries to return it—repeatedly. She keeps making Ruby fish her up again and again, but repulsed by her appearance, he continually rejects her and throws her back into the water.[1]

When Ruby is threatened by a wild Zangoose and Seviper, Mimi jumps into his hands and uses Light Screen, defending him.[2] She gives him his PokéNav, allowing him to locate the Weather Institute. There, Ruby's friend tells Ruby to keep Mimi, horrifying Ruby. However, he does capture her.[3]

Volume 18

He later uses Mimi in the beauty contest in Verdanturf Town, rationalizing that if he wins with an ugly Pokémon like Mimi, everyone (including his father) will be more surprised.[4]

Mimi wins her contest, but Ruby is preoccupied with the glimpse of Wally he'd caught in the crowd. Seeing Wally about to board a bus, Ruby has Mimi use Ice Beam to prevent entry. Of course, he then discovered he'd seen Wallene, not Wally.[5]

Ruby sends out Mimi and the rest of his Pokémon against Marge in Rusturf Tunnel.[6]

He intends to enter Mimi into the super-rank contest in Fallarbor Town, but arrives too late to register. He later challenges Wallace to an unofficial beauty contest and uses all of his Pokémon except Mimi, deliberately excluding her.[7]

Volume 19

Tormented by his argument with Sapphire, Ruby takes his temper out on Mimi as they enter the Slateport City beauty contest. When he feels that they are losing, he proceeds to scream at her, blaming her and saying she isn't worth training. Mimi cries and flees.[8]

Volume 20

Known Moves



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