Fortree City


Chapter 226

Mikiko is a young picnicker who lives in Fortree City, Hoenn.


Mikiko debuts in Chapter 226.

Every day, as Mikiko passes by, a wild Zigzagoon (whom she's nicknamed Zigzag) comes down from trees of great height to greet Mikiko.

However, one day it doesn't come down; when Mikiko looks up, she sees it on a branch, shivering. Realizing that something is wrong, Mikiko climbs up, trying to rescue it, but falls.

As she falls, Sapphire's Tropius's Magical Leaf cut off the branch she and Zigzag are on. Sapphire jumps off Tropius, maneuvering herself so that she lands before and beneath the branch, catching it with great strength. Mikiko thanks her, explaining the situation, and she realizes that Zigzag is sick. She is about to take Zigzag to the Pokémon Center when Sapphire questions her, asking what a Pokémon Center is. Scandalized, Mikiko explains. Sapphire shrugs it off and says she can treat Zigzag herself.

Sapphire sniffs Zigzag's butt, getting a little manure on her nose, and then brings out medicinal berries to feed Zigzag. As Mikiko watches, Zigzag gets better almost immediately.

On a sudden hunch, Mikiko demands to know if she is Sapphire; upon getting an affirmative answer, Mikiko turns to run and fetch Winona. This is unnecessary, as Winona steps out of the shadows. Mikiko watches the following battle between the two.[1]


Mikiko is kind and friendly.


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