Species: Mew
Gender: Genderless

Chapter 1

Mew is a psychic-type legendary Pokémon from Kanto. It is known as the Phantom Pokémon.


Mew debuts in Chapter 1.

Mew's eyelash is used by Team Rocket—specifically, Blaine—to create Mewtwo. However, the DNA sample is incomplete, and Team Rocket pursues Mew for a better sample. To this end, they create a data disc containing information crucial to its capture.[1]

Mew is in the Western Forest near Pallet Town. Team Rocket is searching for it. Mew battles against Blue and his Charmander, and after Blue concedes the fight, Red challenges Mew. Mew easily defeats Red's Poliwhirl and then vanishes.[2]

Team Rocket's data disc on Mew is stolen by Green, who wants Mew for herself.[3]

Green and Red team up to find Mew before Team Rocket, using Green's Silph Scope to locate it in southeast Celadon. Red's Ivysaur manages to capture it in his vines. However, Team Rocket shows up with a Jynx, attacking them, but Mew manages to escape with a powerful move.

Even though neither group succeeded in capturing Mew, Green did manage to take a few photos of it.[4]

Known Moves

HeadButt Phychic Attack


  • Mew is the first legendary Pokémon to ever appear in the manga.


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