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January 12, 2014
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  • Hi! It's awesome that you've taken such an interest in the wiki and passion for Pokémon Adventures! It's great to have new blood around here =D

    Now that I'm done applying to college (whew!), my hiatus is over and I'll be active on the wiki again. A lot has changed while I've been gone so I'll need to do some catching up to see where we stand. Also, I've noticed that my admin status has been changed. Can you fix that? I don't really know how to do it, eheheh…

    Anyway, thanks for the work you've done so far! If you have any ideas for the wiki that you want help with, I'd be happy to give you any support you need, whether it's proofreading or re-teaching myself computer code or organizing whatnot. If you have any questions/concerns/random conversations about Pokémon Adventures you've been dying to have, you know where my message wall is =)


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    • Glad to see your active again, I'll restore your admin rights.

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    • Anyway what happened inbetween your hiatus and now is that the wiki became almost dead with very few editors, I found this wiki by chance, adopted it and became it's new owner. Since then I've "rebooted it" with a new logo, background, design, etc and some new members have arrived because of it, but not alot. Anyway the goal for the wiki is the same, to provide info about Pokemon Adventures. I don't have many questions about the wiki but thanks for asking.

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  • Could you direct the page to their respected pages on the slider, e.g. Villains, Characters and Photos.

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