Mega Evolution is a mysterious process whereby a Pokémon temporarily gains power beyond its normal capabilities.

Mega Evolution is a subject studied by Professor Sycamore and its secrets are not all uncovered. Korrina and her grandfather, Gurkinn, are said to be experts on it.



X's Mega Ring

There are three known requirements to Mega Evolve. First, the Pokémon must have a Mega Stone particular to its species (ex. the Kangaskhanite for Kangaskhan). Second, the trainer must have a Mega Ring. Third, the Pokémon and trainer must have a strong bond. Only certain species of Pokémon are known to Mega Evolve.

Once a Pokémon Mega Evolves, its power increases and it may even change type. This transformation lasts only a short while before the Pokémon returns to normal.



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