Mayor of Nimbasa City





Chapter 473

The name of the mayor is unknown.


He first appears in a four-way Xtransceiver meeting between himself, an entertainment director, Elesa, and White. He is very ambivalent about what activities Nimbasa City should host, influenced by his council, but loves White's proposal of the Pokémon Musical. When he and his council are hopeless at planning the Musical, they eventually rely on and then give it over entirely to White's capable hands.

When he finds out that the props won't be delivered on time, he suggests that they just not tell the audience that they were going to receive free props. He cowers when White yells at him and is delighted when White (painfully) suggests that BW Agency pay for the emergency delivery of the props.

When White goes missing right after the debut of the Pokémon Musical, he is apparently involved with (organizing) her search party, citing it to Marshal as his excuse to being late to their meeting with Alder. When he catches sight of White, with Marshal, he is furious with her, scolding her until Black defends her by explaining to the mayor what happened. At that point, the mayor grudgingly relents and changes the subject, asking Marshal where Alder is.

He goes on to explain to Black and White how the Battle Subway works.


He seems indecisive but enthusiastic, often praising White for her ideas and planning skills. However, he also seems quick to anger when his expectations have been let down, reluctant to forgive, and unwilling to do much work himself.



He often praises her, especially her intelligence, and goes along with what she says. When White goes missing after the debut of the Pokémon Musical, he seems to be worried; however, when he finds her with Marshal, he becomes poisonously angry.


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