Japanese Name:

マツブサ Matsubusa








Courtney, Tabita, Blaise


Magma Leader


RS Arc

Maxie is the leader of Team Magma.


Maxie debuts in Chapter 200.

RS Arc

Volume 16


After Marge and Mitch steal the scanner from the Abandoned Ship, they ask Maxie what the next step is. Mack arrives, announcing that the Kaien I is almost finished. Maxie unleashes them to demonstrate Team Magma's power.[1]

Volume 18

He appears later, hearing Mitch's news of Mt. Chimney's death. He asks Mack how the modification of the scanner is going, and reminds Marge to share her memories (using the Fires' recording lighters) before leaving on patrol. Seeing Marge's memories, Maxie whips off his cloak, pleased to be able to do something himself.[2]

Volume 19

Maxie attacks Archie in Lilycove City, bitterly accusing him of using the press to broadcast information about Team Magma while concealing Team Aqua's activities. Archie sneers that it's what Maxie gets for not using his brain, and Maxie challenges him, saying that if Archie is a man he will fight Maxie one-on-one.

Maxie's Camerupt and Archie's Walrein seem well-matched, with Camerupt's very powerful Eruption and Walrein's Thick Fat reducing the damage taken from fire-type attacks. Maxie points out that Team Magma possesses the Kaien I, which both Team Magma and Team Aqua need, and that Team Aqua possesses the key component, which again both of them need. Maxie proposes a truce, so that they work together to reach the Seafloor Cavern. Archie agrees.[3]

They succeed and split off at the Cavern. Team Aqua manages to wake Kyogre before Magma can succeed with Groudon, but Maxie is unperturbed by this disadvantage. He reveals his intention to use the Blue and Red Jewels to control both Kyogre and Groudon.[4]

Volume 20

Controlling Kyogre and Groudon with the Blue and Red Jewels takes more mental power than Maxie anticipated, and, recognizing that he cannot do it, he entrusts Mitch with the Blue Jewel, telling him to take the Blue Jewel away so that it will stop reacting to the Red Jewel's presence. Maxie then resumes controlling Groudon.[5]




Camerupt debuts in Chapter 200. It lets off a powerful flame at Maxie's command. He later uses it to battle Archie's Walrein.[6]



Marge, Mitch, and Mack

Maxie seems to trust them completely.


  • Maxie appears to be drunk during his debut


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