Maryann and Tyler are a duo of reporters for Hoenn TV. Tyler is the cameraman.


Volume 15

Maryann and Tyler debut in Chapter 181.

They interview the new gym leader of Petalburg City, Norman.[1]

They are later in Rustboro City, where they see Sapphire rescue the Devon President's Castform. Maryann wants an interview with Sapphire, pushing Tyler to her, but Sapphire turns them down. Maryann then notices that the fountain that had hurt the Chairman's Castform had been sabotaged. They accompany Sapphire into Petalburg Woods and escape with her. They take care of the President's Castform after he is hospitalized.[2]

Volume 17


Maryann and Tyler report the attack on Captain Stern, Tuga, and an unidentified boy. After the report, Maryann approaches Captain Stern, telling him that the Devon President, who had been going to deliver a machine part to Captain Stern, had in fact been attacked by a blue gang. At that moment, Norman interrupts in order to hear the truth (rather than what they reported on air).[3]

They later witness the battle between Norman and Ruby at the Weather Institute. When Ruby falls unconscious, they transport him in their van.[4]

Volume 18

They bring him to Verdanturf Town, where he competes in contests. Upon hearing of the cave-in at Rusturf Tunnel, they transport Ruby and Wallene to the tunnel. On the way, they spot the Disaster Pokémon, Absol, and Tyler mistakenly blames Absol for the cave-in. They are initially stuck on the outside after Marge kidnaps Ruby, but manage to use their van to get into the tunnel and rescue him.[5]

They then drive him to Fallarbor for the super rank contests; during the trip, Maryann attempts to question Ruby about Team Magma, but he repeatedly rebuffs her. Maryann notices his obsession with contest preparations and realizes he's trying to take his mind off of something.

Tyler suggests that, since both the recent bout of earthquakes and the death of Mt. Chimney have to do with nature, they should take advantage of being in Fallarbor and interview the nature expert, Professor Starstone. Maryann is delighted with the idea and the two immediately rush off to find him.[6]

They go to his lab but find out that Professor Starstone has been gone with a sponsor on an expedition. However, his assistants tell them that, due to the temperature decrease caused by Mt. Chimney's death, there has been less evaporation and thus a rise in sea level. The assistant likens it to the legendary battle between Groudon and Kyogre.[7] Both Maryann and Tyler are dubious, wondering if that could be merely a myth.

Tyler suggests that they leave, but finds that Maryann is lost in thought. As he snaps her out of it, Wallace and Ruby arrive. Tyler and Ruby look at an Anorith and Lileep in an aquarium cage, and when Ruby says that they look very scary, Tyler laughs and points out that Ruby is a gym leader's son (and thus should be braver).

After the commotion from Anorith's and Lileep's escape, Wallace agrees to let Ruby come with him, making Tyler remark to Maryann that he's never seen Ruby so happy—but she, deep in thought again, doesn't hear him. Maryann asks Professor Starstone's assistant why the information about the rising sea level hasn't been reported, but the man throws a fit, telling her that it's the media who's withholding it. This shocks both Maryann and Tyler.

Maryann immediately calls their boss, Tyler looking grim beside her. The man tells her that they didn't want to create hysteria with the news of the rising seas and instructs her to focus only on Team Magma, not Team Aqua.

Maryann and Tyler decide to set off on their own, separate from Ruby.[8]

Volume 19

Maryann and Tyler drive to Lilycove City, Maryann determined to confront their boss, the director of Hoenn TV, face-to-face about withholding the information about the rising sea levels.

They arrive, only to see their director engaged in battle against the leader of Team Magma. They discover that their boss is none other than the leader of Team Aqua. They overhear the two men come to a temporary truce. Betrayed, Maryann attempts to run out and confront them, but Tyler holds her back. They let Archie and Maxie go unhindered.[9]

Maryann begins to dither about what to do, exclaiming that they should follow, and then changing her mind, saying they should go into the Hoenn TV building to search for evidence, but no, they should…

Tyler grabs ahold of her. He tells her that going after them is crazy; they'd seen the battle between the two criminals, Maryann and Tyler don't stand a chance. And going into the building is also crazy: their phony director is a criminal, and how can Maryann and Tyler tell who is on his side? Tyler, dragging Maryann behind him, declares that they need to tell the Hoenn gym leaders and Ruby.

They go to Slateport City, where they find Captain Stern. Stern tells them that there is no way to reach the Seafloor Cavern, and he tells them that a colossal power is currently stirring there.[10] Wallace finds the three of them and Maryann anxiously inquires after Ruby; they go to the first aid center, where Ruby is unconscious. Maryann and Tyler listen to the videophone conversation between Winona and Wallace and are horrified to hear that Kyogre and Groudon has woken, and the person controlling them is in the Seafloor Cavern.[11]

Volume 20

They stay at Slateport City until the Pokémon Association Airship HQ ("bachoon") arrives; Maryann is about to get on, but Tyler insists on staying, pointing out Absol lurking nearby. Tyler accuses Absol of being responsible for the disasters and even being the mastermind of Teams Aqua and Magma, but Maryann reasonably points out that correlation doesn't equal causation. She realizes that Absol may be able to sense impending disasters and has been trying to warn people.


Absol looks at her thoughtfully, and then kneels: an invitation to get on its back.

She asks Tyler what the worst possible disaster now is, and Tyler responds that it would be a battle between Kyogre and Groudon. Agreeing, Maryann jumps onto Absol. Absol begins to run, leaving Tyler behind—but evidently eventually allows Tyler to ride it as well. As they travel, they see beams of energy rushing ahead of them in the same direction, containing Ruby and Sapphire.

Tyler, looking at a map, realizes that Absol is taking them to Sootopolis City.[12]

Volume 21

Realizing that Kyogre and Groudon are going to battle at Sootopolis City, Maryann and Tyler call the Hoenn Director to alert him.[13]



Maryann seems clever, quickly recognizing sabotage in Rustboro City and realizing that it was a planned attack. She is dedicated to her profession and passionate. She can get quite worked up about it. She is also decisive and almost fearless in her pursuit of truth and justice, even traversing the entire region to tell her boss off for concealing crucial information from the public.


Tyler is slower on the uptake than Maryann, seeming distracted from the news story and sometimes missing facts, making Maryann explain it to him. He follows Maryann's lead, but does show his own initiative (such as recognizing the links between the earthquakes and Mt. Chimney and suggesting they interview Professor Starstone). He can also be quick to jump to conclusions, initially blaming Absol for the Rusturf cave-in.



The President of the Devon Corporation's Castform travels with Maryann and Tyler after the President is made comatose. However, Castform is drawn to Ruby, and Maryann and Tyler encourage her to join Ruby.


Maryann and Tyler

Maryann and Tyler work together well, with Maryann the driving force and Tyler the actual driver. Tyler supports Maryann even when he has personal doubts, but also holds her back when she is about to do something unwise or reckless (such as confronting Maxie and Archie without any Pokémon[14]).



  • The two travel in their van, the Hoenn TV vehicle


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