Marge (Viz: Courtney)
Japanese Name:

カガリ Kagari




Team Magma, Ruby


Team Magma Admin, Coordinator


Chapter 198

Marge is an admin, a "Fire," of Team Magma.


Marge's voice debuts in Chapter 198 and her entirety in Chapter 199.

Volume 16

Marge and Mitch go to the Abandoned Ship to search for the scanner stowed on there.

She senses Sapphire on the Abandoned Ship and her voice wakes Sapphire up; Marge says that soon the sea will dry up and she can't help but laugh in joy at the thought.[1]

Sapphire and Marge engage in a quick and intense fight, Marge gouging her Tamato-juiced fingers into Sapphire's eyes, temporarily blinding her, and Sapphire smashing a foot into Marge's face.

Marge's Ninetales makes quick work of Sapphire's Combusken and Lairon. Sapphire, however, manages to escape. Marge seeks out Mitch to warn him and find out if he's seen her. The two get attacked by a Plusle and Minun, wild Pokémon working under Sapphire and Ruby's direction.

They manage to subdue Plusle but are stopped when Ruby threatens to throw a diary, which he claims holds the password needed to access the scanner, overboard. Marge agrees to his deal, bringing Plusle to him in exchange for the diary. However, Sapphire and Minun swoop in at that moment to snatch Plusle and unleash an electric shock, making the detector go flying—except Marge, having anticipated the treachery, had it made so that only the case went flying, leaving her with the actual detector. Ruby catches the case and he, Plusle, Minun, and Sapphire all escape.

As she and Mitch leave the Abandoned Ship, they realize that they never saw Ruby's face.[2]

She and Mitch go to meet up with Maxie and Mack, though Mack had not yet arrived. The two implore Maxie to allow them to unleash their full power and wreak destruction, but Maxie cautions them. Mack arrives, reporting that the Kaien I is ninety-five percent finished. This excites Maxie, who sends his Fires to Slateport City to abduct Captain Stern.

They find Captain Stern and his associate, Tuga, in the Contest Hall of Slateport City making PokéBlocks with Ruby and the President of the PokéFan Club. Deciding it would be too much bother to employ precision, the Fires kidnap all four of them instead of just Captain Stern. They take the unconscious quartet to Slateport's Shipyard, where the Kaien I is.[3]

Marge and Mitch go to look around for the last component that the Kaien I lacks, but they receive a call from Mack, informing them that the Devon Corporation has it.[4]

Volume 18

Marge meets with Maxie and the other Fires at the Desert Ruins on Route 111. After Mitch reports the death of Mt. Chimney, Marge goes out on patrol to search again for something. Before leaving, she uses her recording lighter to share her memories of Ruby with the other Fires and Maxie.[5]

She goes to Rusturf Tunnel to search for the Red Orb, but finds Ruby instead. She challenges him to a battle, and then invites him to join Team Magma.[6] When Ruby apparently is going to sacrifice himself to save his Pokémon, she mocks him for his manliness and heroism, only to be thrown into her own flames moments later as Ruby implements his plan and escapes.

Marge is badly burned, but survives. As she exits, she receives a call from Mack, asking whether she'd found the Red Orb. Marge responds that she has lost interest, instead intending to exact revenge on Ruby.[7]

Later, she joins Ruby in a fight against Groudon and Kyogre.Eventually, she resumes her career as a competitor in Pokemon Contests.

Marge at the end of RS arc, watering her berries.


Marge uses berry juices as her special technique to incapacitate opponents. She also tends to chew gum and blow bubbles with it. She has sharp senses, demonstrated when she immediately sensed Sapphire's presence on the Abandoned Ship.[8] She is also ruthless and destructive, as she encourages violence.[9] She is clever, manipulating Mitch to get what she wants and anticipating Ruby and Sapphire's treachery and taking appropriate measures against it.[10]



Marge uses Swellow to fly.


Ninetales easily defeated Sapphire's Combusken and Lairon.[11]



She has an interest in Ruby and wants him to join her. but ends up joining him.



Marge has called Mitch "slow" and doesn't seem to like him much.


Marge and Mack are at least courteous with each other.



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