Mack (Viz: Blaise)
Japanese Name:

ホカゲ Hokage




Chapter 200

Mack is a Fire (admin) of Team Magma.


Mack debuts in Chapter 200.

Volume 16

Mack arrives late to a meeting between Maxie, Marge, and Mitch, bearing news that the Kaien I is almost complete. Maxie sends him, Marge, and Mitch to Slateport City, where they hunt down Captain Stern, who is building the Kaien I. They find him in a group including Ruby, the President of the PokéFan Club, and Captain Stern's friend, Tuga; the Fires decide it would be less trouble to kidnap the entire group than to single out Stern.

They do so, kidnapping the four with ease. The Magma Fires bring their prisoners to Slateport's boathouse, where the Kaien I is stationed. They lock the unconscious Ruby and President away.

Mack interrogates Captain Stern concerning the missing component of the Kaien I, displaying a violent tendancy by even choking Stern and having his Slugma burn Tuga when Stern refused to answer. This convinces Stern to speak, telling Mack that the missing component has been ordered from the Devon Corporation. Mack contacts Marge and Mitch, who are searching Slateport's Shipyard for the component, to inform them of this.

Because Stern cooperated, he asks Mack to release Tuga. Mack is angered, telling Stern that Mack is the one in control, not Stern, and he starts to throw Stern into the same locked room as Ruby. However, Ruby and the President had been eavesdropping, leaning against the door, and they fall out as Mack opens it.

Realizing that the two had overheard everything, Mack decides that the only option is to eliminate them, sending his Slugma at Ruby. Ruby runs from Slugma's lava attacks, all the while pleading with Mack and promising to tell no one what he heard. Mack sees Ruby duck into the Kaien I to hide, Slugma following; realizing that Slugma has been lured away from Mack, Mack himself enters the Kaien I, discovering green PokéBlocks.

Green PokéBlocks are Slugma's favorite PokéBlocks; a Pokémon's taste in PokéBlocks is decided by its nature. Mack realizes that, somehow, Ruby knows Slugma's nature. He demands to know how, but Ruby feigns ignorance, annoying Mack. When it is clear Mack does not believe Ruby's lies, Ruby drops the act, the frightened look fading to be replaced with implacable determination.

Mack sees Ruby as a threat. He asks who Ruby is.[1]

Volume 17

He an
d Ruby battle. Mack reveals his illusionary abilities, telling a story about a young, poor girl who had nothing but a matchstick. He says that she lit her match and when she stared into the flame, she saw illusions. Mack can do the same, using the red-hot energy to test the limits of space to devour Ruby's consciousness and make him hallucinate his worst memory.

Mack wonders what the memory is.

Ruby does not react with despair, as Mack expected; Ruby grows angry, using Earthquake to possibly damage the Kaien I. Ruby escapes in the escape pod, but not without a parting shot: What wasn't surprising was that Ruby could recognize Slugma's nature, but that Mack wasn't able to.

Mack comments that though the Kaien I is missing a key component, it can still operate, and once they have the part, they can take the Kaien I all the way to the Cave of Origin.[2]

Volume 18

On Route 111, Mack is set to work on modifying the scanner, altering it to sense the presence of the Jewels.[3] He succeeds, discovering that both Orbs are at Mt. Pyre.[4]

Volume 19

Reaching Mt. Pyre, Mack fools its guardians Tate and Liza by creating illusionary enemies, making his way to the summit. He knocks aside the old couple guarding the Jewels and takes them both.[5]


Mack is ruthless, even hurting people in order to get what he wants.[6]



  • Calm nature, likes green PokéBlocks

Known Moves:

  • A fire-type attack



Marge and Mitch


Mack considered Ruby to be below his attention, but when Ruby tricks him and Slugma, Mack becomes suddenly wary of him.


  • Mack does not exist in any other media


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