Japanese Name:

ハンサム Handsome






Platinum, Lack-two

Looker is an undercover inspector for the International Police.


DP Arc

Looker has a brief appearance.

Platinum Arc

Looker teams up with Platinum to investigate the Distortion World and Team Galactic.

Looker is first seen lurking outside the Battleground, spying on the trainers there in search of information. His lame disguises do not fool Buck for even a moment, forcing Looker to flee.


He goes to the Resort Area, where his partner is supposed to buy a villa. He catches sight of Platinum and decides to test her mettle before introducing himself: He swings down from a tree, apparently about to attack her, but Platinum reacts instantly. She whirls around, unleashing Lopunny and telling Lopunny to use Focus Blast. Dust is whipped up, clearing to reveal a rock. The rock cracks and Looker steps out, suitably impressed by Platinum's skill.

The next day, he and Platinum are deciding which battle facility to challenge, and thus question its Frontier Brain, first. A mechanical Starly, the "guides" of the Battle Frontier, flies up to them and offers to tell them the rules for all the different facilities. Platinum says that she has already memorized the rules, causing Looker to shout out how impressed he is with her.

He calls her "lady," drawing the attention of Caitlin, who thinks Looker is referring to her. Looker tries to pat her on the shoulder as he explains he wasn't, but Caitlin's Gallade suddenly attacks Looker, believing him to be a threat. Looker ducks in time, displaying astonishing reflexes, but Gallade proceeds to use Psycho Cut, cutting Looker's clothes and causing all of them except his underwear and undershirt to fall.

Looker apologizes to Caitlin for the misunderstanding, and upon seeing her enter the Battle Castle, realizes that she is one of the Frontier Brains he wants to question. They decide to challenge the Battle Castle first—but only after Looker puts on some clothing.

Looker watches Platinum work her way through the Battle Castle and becomes alarmed when he hears of "CP," Castle Points, which you earn by winning and can spend on berries, info on your opponent, etc. He knows that Platinum, growing up with endless funds, has no idea how to manage her finances. He pulls her aside to yell at her and grows frustrated (but embarrassed) when she asks him to not be so harsh on her, making him leave on his jetpack to cool off.

He then muses that Platinum is young enough to be his own daughter and that he should be more sensitive with her.

Looker tries to return to watch Platinum's matches but gets lost in the Battle Castle. He sees portraits of the former Frontier Brains of the Battle Castle and realizes that Caitlin must have grown up in the lap of luxury, just like Platinum. The mechanical Starly from before finds him and brings him to Platinum, who is facing off against Darach; this baffles Looker, who thinks that Platinum should be battling Caitlin instead.

Looker watches the fight and afterwards listens to Caitlin explain Platinum's strategy. He produces the VS Recorder for Platinum to stick her commemorative print onto and then asks Caitlin and Darach about the Distortion World and Team Galactic; he produces a photograph of Team Galactic and adds that they are also called the "wonderfully fashionable gang."

Darach says that he knows nothing of the Distortion World but he has heard that Team Galactic has been gathering on Stark Mountain. At this moment Buck interrupts them, claiming to know everything about Stark Mountain. He adds that is someone is going after Stark Mountain, they must be after Heatran.

Looker does not recognize Buck as the person who ejected him from the Battleground; however, Buck remembers Looker and confronts him about it, puzzling Platinum. Buck proceeds to tell them about Stark Mountain. After he's explained, Looker pats him on the head, thanking him, and then asks for Buck to bring Looker to Stark Mountain. Buck refuses. Looker is infuriated.

Buck snatches the precious Team Galactic photo from Looker and then teleports away on Claydol, intent on taking care of Team Galactic himself.

That night in the villa, Looker and Platinum talk about the connections between powerful trainers, such as the fact that Buck is the brother of Flint. They also talk about Team Galactic and how while it's great they've gotten information about them, they still haven't found out anything about the Distortion World.

Looker then leaves to use his tent in Platinum's front yard rather than sleep in her guest room, remarking that he should write a report to HQ.

Looker oversleeps the next morning. Realizing that Platinum left without him, Looker uses his jetpack (Secret Weapon 5) and binoculars (Secret Weapon 1) to locate her before his jetpack explodes again. He finds out that Platinum had heard a "hypnotic" sort of song about roulettes and had left to follow the singer around. He decides it would be best, then, if she challenged the Battle Arcade next.

Finding the Battle Arcade almost deserted, and recalling how the singer had lured Platinum there, Looker deduces that it must be an unpopular facility. The mechanical Starly swoops in with a resounding "No!" It explains that the Arcade Star Dahlia is a very difficult opponent.[1]

BW Arc

In order to investigate Team Plasma, Looker enters the Pokémon League tournament. He makes it into the final eight but loses to Black.

B2W2 Arc

After spending two years searching other regions for the Seven Sages, Looker returns to Unova and meets up with fellow International Police member Rakutsu. Right after the two exchange their password, Looker is attacked by a Scolipede, which Rakutsu repels easily. Looker is shocked when Rakutsu reveals himself to be Looker's superior despite being much younger than him. They go briefly to an alleyway to meet up with one of Rakutsu's associates and then head off to train. Looker completes Rakutsu's first test but fails the second, earning a scolding. Rakutsu tells him he has to get better at dealing with difficult situations.

An explosion catches their attention and investigation reveals the source to be a Genesect.

International Secret Police Weapons

Looker has an arsenal of mostly dysfunctional tools.

  • Secret Weapon 1: Excellent scope. It looks like a pair of binoculars, but falls apart.[2]
  • Secret Weapon 2: Invisible clothes. A brick-pattern cloth to hide behind with a rectangle cut out so that Looker can see.[3][4]
  • Secret Weapon 3: Variable rope. A grappling hook and a zipline.[5]
  • Secret Weapon 4: Rock protector. A sturdy fake rock that Looker can hide within to be shielded from an attack.[6] Looker later uses it as an avalanche to escape with Buck from Team Galactic.[7]
  • Secret Weapon 5: Galactica jet. A jetpack that allows him to fly and lets off a lot of smoke; however, it quickly breaks/explodes.[8] It recurs multiple times with varying degrees of functionality.
  • Secret Weapon 6: VS Recorder. Actually given to Looker by the Battle Frontier staff, he admits he only called it one of his "secret weapons" because it's his catchphrase.[9]
  • Secret Weapon 7: Hyper compact one-touch tent. A tent for sleeping in.[10]
  • Secret Weapon 8: (An umbrella). It is very battered and drizzle causes it to tear.[11]
  • Secret Weapon 9: Really loud speakers. The effort of shouting with this makes Looker fall over.[12]
  • Secret Weapon 10: Super tight tape. Looker uses this to gag and tie up Charon.[13]
  • Secret Weapon 11:
  • Secret Weapon 12: Satellite smartphone. Looker receives a call from his superintendent telling him to go to Unova to investigate the Seven Sages.[14]
  • Secret Weapon 13: Unbelievable metamorphosis set, aka a pair of opaque glasses, a fake nose, and a huge mustache. Worn during his challenge of the Unova Pokémon League.


Looker has a sense of humor, hiding with a rock, which punned with his and Platinum's password.[15] He also tends to overreact, often comically.




  • Vacuum Wave
  • Poison Sting



Looker has realized that Platinum is young enough to be his daughter, causing him to realize also that he has to be patient with her. He admires her powerful affection for her Pokémon and is devastated when Dahlia forces Platinum to fight against them.



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