Lilycove City is a port city on the eastern coast of Hoenn. It is located near the Hoenn Safari Zone and Mt. Pyre. To its east is Route 121 and its west is Route 124. The Pokémon Association Headquarters of Hoenn is found here, and a Team Aqua hideout is located off its beach. Additionally, Hoenn TV has its base here.

Significant Events

  • Maxie confronts Archie about his position in Hoenn TV and how he has been skewing the public against Team Magma[1]
  • Archie and Maxie come to a temporary truce, agreeing to work together in order to reach the Seafloor Cavern[2]
  • Maryann and Tyler discover that Archie is the director of Hoenn TV[3]
  • Teams Aqua and Magma depart in the Kaien I for the Seafloor Cavern[4]
  • Lilycove City is almost completely evacuated because of the Kyogre and Groudon crisis
  • The Pokémon Association Headquarters transforms into an airship[5]
  • Mack, Mitch, and Marge bring Brawly, Wallace, and Roxanne to the Lilycove Museum, Lilycove Department Store, and Lilycove Inn for their respective battles[6]
  • Brawly defeats Mack[7]
  • When Marge threatens to murder three innocent bystanders, Roxanne is forced to allow Marge to knock out her Nosepass, thus undoing the Block she'd put on Groudon[8]
  • Groudon passes through Lilycove on its way to Sootopolis[9]
  • Wallace battles the insane, Jewel-possessed Mitch, and Steven comes to Wallace's rescue


The Hoenn Pokémon Association headquarters is located here, as are the headquarters of Hoenn TV and Team Aqua. Lilycove City is a very commercial city, with a large department store, an art museum, and an inn for tourists.


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