Lenora is the gym leader of the Basic Badge in Nacrene City. She runs Nacrene Museum along with her husband, Hawes.


Lenora welcomes Black via intercom and is impressed with how quickly he solves her library puzzle. She is also impressed with how thoroughly he has researched her to prepare for their battle, remarking that Black is not just a big mouth. She starts with Stoutland and uses the Roar strategy on Black, aborting his plan to have Munna use Hypnosis and put Stoutland to sleep. Roar draws out Black's Braviary, as Lenora had planned, and she immediately used Ice Fang to deal Braviary some serious damage. She comments to Black that what he studies won't always be useful in battles.

Black's passion inspires Braviary, who uses Whirlwind to force Stoutland to retreat, bringing out Patrat and knocking Patrat out with Air Slash, which even Patrat's powerful sight can't see coming. Lenora sends out Stoutland again, and as she sees Black thinking furiously for a strategy, calls that she loves kids who use their heads. Stoutland's Last Resort knocks out Braviary, so Black sends out Munna. Munna keeps using Hypnosis, trying to put Stoutland to sleep. Stoutland easily dodges everything because it has special whiskers that allow it superior senses. Stoutland knocks out Munna with Take Down at the same time that Munna knocks out Stoutland with Zen Headbutt; Munna's attack was successful because of the damage Stoutland had taken from Take Down's recoil.

A tie.

Lenora gives Black the Basic Badge. Right after Black leaves, Lenora receives a phone call from Clay. He has found a mysterious stone and wants her to have it because he thinks it has a terrifying power. Looking serious, she agrees to go pick it up.


Lenora loves archeology. She keeps her most precious artifacts in her gym rather than in the museum, preferring to keep them close. She loves bones and fossils because they are the "roots." They have survived so long they make her think about all the time it has been through; she relates them to Pokémon, like her Stoutland who has been with her since it was a Herdier.

She trains normal-type Pokémon. Lenora's gym is a two-on-two battle. Her strategy is to use her second Pokémon, Patrat, to see what the challenger's second Pokémon is. She then has Stoutland use Roar to unexpectedly force the challenger to switch Pokémon, foiling any plans they have.



Stoutland has been with Lenora since it was a Herdier.

Known Moves:
  • Roar
  • Ice Fang


  • Whitney, Norman, and Cheren also train normal-type Pokémon
  • Lenora runs the Nacrene Museum
  • Lenora keeps her most valued objects in her gym, not the museum


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