Lax is Red's male Snorlax.


Lax debuts in Chapter 12.


Volume 1

Red meets Lax while competing in a bicycle race on Route 11. Lax is blocking the way, but Red manages to wake him up by tempting him with honey, but then has to spend the prize money on food for Lax. Red captures Lax in the process.[1]

Volume 2

Red later sends Lax out to prevent Green from escaping with his money. Lax defeats Green's Wartortle by using Mega Punch on the sidewalk, knocking both Wartortle and Green out.[2]

He later uses Lax as a shield against two Magmars.[3]

Volume 3

Lax and Red's other Pokémon are flung into the air by Mewtwo, forcing Red to return them.[4]

Red sends out Lax in his Championship match of the Indigo League against Red. Lax is matched up against Blue's Machamp. Machamp catches Lax's limbs with its four arms and lifts Lax onto its back, and then slams Lax into the ground, splintering it. Red tries to trick Machamp by having Lax use Harden to defend against his next attack, but Blue sees through it and has Machamp attack the ground beside Lax, catapulting him into the air. Lax is temporarily disqualified because it is believed he went out of bounds, but then he reveals that he went straight up, landing inside the stadium and not outside.

He lands on Machamp with a devastating Double Edge and Toxic, forcing Blue to return him. Upon realizing Lax's low health, Red returns Lax as well.[5]

Known Moves

  • Mega Kick[6]
  • Mega Punch[7][8]
  • Harden[9]
  • Toxic[10]
  • Double-Edge[11]
  • Rest
  • Strength
  • Belly Drum
  • Headbutt
  • Earthquake




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