Lavender Tower is a Pokémon cementery in Lavender Town, Kanto.

Significant Events

  • Blue is put under the control of a Gastly by Koga[1]
  • Red saves Blue[2]
  • Blue defeats Koga (and Red admits to himself that Blue is a good trainer)[3]


A tower that is full of undead Pokémon, such as the undead Psyduck, possessed by ghosts. Because of its spooky reputation, Team Rocket could use it as its base undisturbed.

Water drips from the ceiling. There are many staircases.

Known Pokémon

  • Gastly
  • Psyduck (undead, controlled by Gastly)
  • Lickitung (undead, controlled by Gastly)
  • Slowpoke (undead, controlled by Gastly)
  • Slowbro (undead, controlled by Gastly)
  • Tangela (undead, controlled by Gastly)
  • And many other undead Pokémon


  1. Revealed in Pokémon Adventures: Chapter 14
  2. Pokémon Adventures: Chapter 14
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