Hgss lance

Japanese Name:

ワタル Wataru






Clair (cousin), Dragon Clan Elder (grandfather)


Viridian City


Silver, Gold, Kanto Elite Four


Former Elite Four, Trainer of Viridian Forest


Chapter 40

Lance is a powerful dragon-type trainer who sought to exterminate humankind for the sake of Pokémon. He was the leader of the Kanto Elite Four.


Lance was the son of the eldest son of Blackthorn City's Elder and a woman from Viridian City. His father was a very skilled Dragon-type trainer and favourite to be the Blackthorn City Gym Leader. However when he fell in love with Lance's mother he was forbidden from becoming the Gym Leader and instead his younger brother, Clair's father, was chosen.

As a result of his birthplace Lance was born with the powers of Viridian Forest, allowing him to communicate telepathically with Pokemon and heal them at will.

As a child, Lance saw the terrible suffering of Pokémon at human hands and vowed to stop it. Some time later during his teenage years he established himself as a powerful Dragon-type trainer with the aid of his powers and helped form the Elite Four.

He also meets Silver and guides him to defeating the masked man and finding out about his past.


Lance debuts in Chapter 40 during Red and Blue's battle during the Championship battle.


Lance watches the Championship battle between Red and Blue.[1]

Yellow Arc

Lance puts his plans into motion to exterminate humankind. He interferes in a surfing contest in Vermillion City, and finding himself faced with Yellow and Red's Pikachu, battles them.

On Cerise Island, he attempts to awaken Lugia. He is briefly successful before Yellow defeats and stops him.


Lance mysteriously goes missing after arranging a meeting with Gold at the PokéAthlon Dome.


In the Yellow Arc, Lance is a brash and cruel young Pokemon Master who uses the magic granted him by Viridian Forest for evil. His plan the commit geneocide on all human beings he deems unworthy to live with Pokemon and his two attempts to kill Yellow for trying to foil his plans shows how merciless and unforgiving he can be. Nonetheless, his motivations are fuelled more by the plight of Pokemon than personal gain, which shows a gentler side. His bond with his Pokemon - especially his Dragonite - is extremely close.

In the GSC Arc, he's personality is still the same but he channels more of his enegry into fighting the Masked Man, who he identifies as a more dire threat to Pokemon.

In the HGSS, he is more grown-up and responsible, showing true regret for his former actions and seeks out both Pryce and Giovanni in order to once again save the world. He repeatedly refers to himself as a former villain, showing that his choice to help save both people and Pokemon is atonement for what he did before.


Lance's pokemon are mostly dragon-type, with the exception of Gyarados and Tyranitar.

Dragonair (x3)






Lance is Silver's mentor and often aids him in his journey, especially in taking down the villains. He also helped Silver try and find out about his past by reading Sneasel's memories, to no avail.


Lance is Yellow's rival as they both share the same abilities granted by the Viridian Forest. She is the only trainer to have ever sucessfully defeated Lance when she foiled he plans to destroy humanity.


Clair is Lance's younger cousin. They appear to have a very close sibling-like relationship and Clair is very protective of Lance, referring to him as 'Big Brother'.



  • Lance's name comes from a weapon called lance
  • Clair, Drake, Drayden, and Iris also train dragon-type Pokémon


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