Hoenn is a region. It has its own Pokémon League.

Hoenn is featured heavily in the RS Arc.


A long, long time ago…a battle between a land Pokémon and a sea Pokémon began across the world. The sea Pokémon raised the waves and expanded the seas…while the land Pokémon raised the plateaus and expanded the land. There seemed to be no end to the battle…and the world was buried in ashes and engulfed by the fires of destruction.

The sea Pokémon was known as Kyogre. The land Pokémon was Groudon.

At the end of their extensive battle, both Pokémon vanished into the bottomest depths of the sea, where they have remained dormant ever since…[1]

Significant Events


Cities and Towns

Battle Frontier

See Hoenn Battle Frontier.


Pokémon League

Gym Leaders

Elite Four



  1. Pokémon Adventures: Chapter 215

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