Hiker Andy is a Pokémon trainer in Unova.


He became a trainer when he was about fourteen. In the next twenty years, he tried to enter the Pokémon League but would give up part way through and instead would watch. He remains a bad trainer, and has given up on his dream, instead waiting on Route 1 for inexperienced trainers he might win against. His Pokémon, too, give up, his Cottonee becoming reluctant to even get near Andy, tired of disappointing its trainer in battle.

Andy hears Black shout a challenge for battle on Route 1, which Andy accepts. He sends out his three Pokémon—Roggenrola, Cottonee, and Blitzle—in a triple battle against Black. Commenting that Black has studied well (because Black knows what a triple battle is), Andy starts off the battle.


Soon after the battle begins, Andy begins to show unusual strain—sweating, breathing heavily. Finally he snaps, shouting that it feels like a sauna and whips out a pack of water bottles, drinking frantically. In the mean time, his Pokémon faint.

Catching sight of this, Andy's eyes begin streaming tears and he declares he should just give up being a trainer. He confesses his past to Black and confides to him that he cannot withstand heat and loses his focus when his opponent uses a fire-type attack. Black encourages him to keep going for his Pokémon's sake, which does not convince Andy. Their conversation is interrupted by a wild fire.

Black asks Andy to have his Cottonee use Cotton Spore on the build up of water that Black's Braviary creates, using the floating wet cotton to put out the fire. Afterwards, Black reveals that Cottonee accidentally started the fire by playing with some smoldering ashes, trying to overcome its weakness to fire to improve for Andy's sake. Andy's temper blows over and he is touched by the gesture.

Black revives Andy's dream of winning the Pokémon League, enough that Black's Munna is tempted to eat the dream. The two split ways.[1]




Known Moves:

  • Tail Whip


Known Moves:

  • Razor Leaf
  • Cotton Spore


Known Moves:

  • Rock Slide



  • Andy carries a pickaxe


  1. Pokémon Adventures: BW Chapter 4

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