The HeartGold and SoulSilver Arc is the Ninth Chapter of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures, beginning in Chapter 442. Based on a special event of the games, it takes in place in Johto, featuring Gold, Silver, and Crystal as its main protagonists and Proton, Petrel, Ariana, and Archer as its main antagonists.

Volume 41

​Chapter 442

​Chapter 443

  • Gold admits he's waiting for Lance

​Chapter 444

  • Gold explains that Lance contacted Professor Oak claiming to have information about Team Rocket's impending rise and Arceus
  • Gold realizes that Lance was attacked on his way to the PokéAthlon Dome when Lance's maddened Dragonite shows up and rampages
  • With Dragonite in a pokéball, Gold sets off for Ecruteak City

Chapter 445

  • Silver, having caught wind of Rocket's rise, goes to the Whirl Islands to ask Lance about it, but Lance isn't there
  • Silver finds a Plate
  • Silver's Sneasel and Murkrow evolve into Weavile and Honchkrow
  • Clair tells Silver that Lance hasn't been returning her calls, and the last one she got from him was filled with static, but she caught the words "Safari Zone," "plates," and "Arceus"

​Chapter 446

  • Silver flies to the Safari Zone to search for clues about Lance's disappearance
  • Silver finds Eusine in the Safari Zone and explores it with him
  • Petrel attacks Silver
  • Silver defeats Petrel and steals his Plates

Chapter 447

  • Petrel reveals he has seen Lance
  • Petrel escapes
  • Crystal arrives at the Safari Zone and encounters Silver
  • Proton researches the Sinjoh Ruins

Chapter 448

  • Crystal and Silver decide to travel together to ask Morty for his help in locating Lance
  • Gold's Aipom evolves into Ambipom during training
  • Morty agrees to help Gold find Lance
  • Ariana attacks Crystal and Silver
  • Silver realizes that the Plates corresponding to sixteen of the elementary types of Pokémon

Volume 42

Chapter 449

Silver realizes what the plate's powers are and sends Rhyperior to help Crystal battle Ariana. After seeing how powerful the plate is, she rushes to Ecruteak City to find Morty. However, she is stopped at the entrance by Falkner, Bugsy, and Chuck, who say that Morty has had several recent visitors who broke into the gym. They identify Silver as "one of them" and engage him in battle to stop him. Chuck's Hitmontop then recognizes Silver's Rhyperior, since it was given to Silver from Blue as a Rhydon and Blue was once Chuck's martial arts pupil. Silver then tells the gym leaders how Blue came to give him the Rhydon, and upon hearing his tory they let him into the gym. There Silver meets Gold, who is also seeing Morty.

Chapter 450

Chapter 451

  • Crystal pursues Arceus
  • Proton reveals to the admins that the Sinjoh Ruins can only be opened if you are beside Arceus
  • The admins intend to use Crystal to open the Ruins and Silver to gather the Plates
  • Arceus attacks Morty's gym
  • Gold chases Arceus as it leaves

Chapter 452

  • Morty uses his clairvoyance to tell Silver where the remaining thirteen Plates are
  • Silver's Weavile contacts all of Johto's Sneasel and Weavile to help gather the Plates
  • Silver decides to join Gold against Arceus once he has all of the Plates

Chapter 453

Chapter 454


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