The Gym Leaders of Johto and Kanto.

Gym Leaders are special trainers who need to be defeated in order for their respective badges to be obtained, and when all eight badges in a region are collected, they can be used to enter the Pokémon League. In order to become a Gym Leader, one has to fight a trainer chosen by the Pokémon Association.

Gym Leaders are highly respected in their respective home region, and usually others. During a crisis Gym leaders gather to dicuss the situation.


The Kanto gym leaders are challenged by Red, who wants to become Champion. Over half of them were at some point affiliated with Team Rocket.



The Hoenn gym leaders are challenged by Sapphire, for the bet. They argue about which team to support: Aqua or Magma.


The Sinnoh gym leaders are challenged by Platinum, for the experience.


The Unova gym leaders are challenged by Black, who wants to become Champion.

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