Groudon is the legendary Pokémon of land and a member of the Weather Trio alongside Kyogre and Rayquaza.

The author describes it: "A land Pokémon that evaporates the seas with light and heat. The creator of intense heat energy that evaporates all liquids! Groudon's flames leave trails of desert weasteland. Its last battle with Kyogre had been a deadly one. It is said that long ago, its blazing heat had once saved millions of flood victims…"


Long ago, Groudon and Kyogre began to battle. Groudon raised and expanded the land against Kyogre's seas. Their seemed that it would have no end, and was consuming the world in fire and destruction. However, exhausted, Groudon and Kyogre finally desisted, sinking to the bottom of the sea and falling into a deep sleep. They have remained dormant ever since.[1]


Groudon debuts at the end of Chapter 214.

When Team Aqua deactivates Mt. Chimney by using the Meteorite, Groudon and Kyogre stir in the Seafloor Cavern.[2]

When Team Magma reaches the Seafloor Cavern, the manage to wake Groudon after Team Aqua has woken Kyogre. Groudon sinks deep into the ground and then sets about using its powers to create intense heat and droughts, enough that leaves in Fortree evaporate dissipate into ashes. Groudon's power is concentrated in western Hoenn.[3]

When it surfaces, Roxanne and Brawly begin to attack it. However, it easily brushes them off.[4]

Known Moves



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