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Pallet Town


Silver, Red, Blue, Yellow


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Chapter 15

Green is a girl from Kanto. As a young child, she was kidnapped from her home, Pallet Town, by a giant bird, instilling in her a fear of birds, which she later overcame.


Green is a beautiful young woman of average height with long reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. During the RGB, Yellow, and GSC arcs, she wore a short black dress, white gloves, and black heels. In the FRLG and Emerald arcs, she wore a light blue tank top with red around the sleeves and black around the neck, a red short skirt, light blue leg warmer-socks, a white hat with a red band and half pokeball logo, red sweatbands, and white, red, and black sneakers. She also had a light yellow shoulder bag. Her appearance is based on both concept art from pokemon Red and Blue, and the trainer Leaf from Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen versions.


As a child, Green was kidnapped by the Masked Man's bird, afflicting her with a fear of bird Pokémon. She was one of his henchmen, along with SilverWill, and Karen. However, she escaped, taking Silver and the Masked Man's prized Rainbow Wing and Silver Wing with her.

Shortly before her debut, Green steals a Squirtle from Professor Oak. Squirtle evolves into Wartortle.


Green debuts in Chapter 15.


Volume 2

Green catches sight of Red through her binoculars. She realizes that, due to his naiveté, Red is a perfect victim. She waits until his Bulbasaur defeats a wild Primeape, evolving into Ivysaur, until she steps out to speak with him. She jumps him, babbling praise for his skill and awesomeness. She thrusts her phony items at him, flattering and guilting him until he agrees to buy her products for 6000. Green runs off with his money before he can discover that the items don't work.

Later, Green is selling her items in Celadon City. She is accosted by Red, who is demanding his money back. Green flees, sending out her Wartortle to escape on the waterways of Celadon. She thinks she's gotten away, but Red sends out Snorlax, blocking the waterway.

Green immediately throws herself at him, lying that the reason she'd given him fake items was because she'd known he'd track her down, and she'd wanted to see him again. Red caves, telling her not to cry, and over his shoulder Green sticks out her tongue. She then shoves him over and Wartortle ambushes him with Bubble.

Red, however, is prepared, jumping back to Snorlax. He shouts that it's not easy to defeat a two-badge trainer. Snorlax uses Mega Punch on the ground, knocking out Wartortle and Green. Red takes out her purse to retrieve his 6000, noticing her name, Green, printed on the side. He leaves her. Green smirks as he leaves.

That night, Green toys with Red's Boulder Badge and Cascade Badge, laughing that she hadn't been able to resist stealing them when he'd boasted about them.[1]

Green is found by Team Rocket, who want to retrieve the disc about Mew she stole from them. They surround her, making her snicker about how many men they need to take down one little girl. She unleashes Wartortle, tossing him the disc and warning Team Rocket that by attacking her, they could destroy the disc they need.

Team Rocket attacks anyway, trying to avoid damaging the disc. Wartortle cleverly dodges their attacks and causes them to hit each other, making Green burst into laughter and call their attempts to battle her "cute." She proceeds to boast that she has two badges, showing them the special set of earrings she's wearing: Red's Boulder Badge and Cascade Badge.

Team Rocket sends out a Tauros, who coordinates their Pokémon's attacks and knocks out Wartortle and gets the disc back. Green quickly releases her Ditto, Ditty, as Tauros charges her. At that moment, a Team Rocket grunt lunges in and saves her from Tauros's charge; Tauros and Ditty go skidding off the small cliff behind her. Green realizes that the grunt who saved her is actually Red in disguise, and she teasingly calls him her hero.

Tauros comes climbing back up the cliff, enraged, but turns against Team Rocket. Green tears off Red's stolen uniform, revealing that he's not a member, and escapes with him on her inflated, floating, Jigglypuff, Jiggly. "Tauros" transforms back into Ditty, whom Green returns to its pokéball. She leaves the Mew disc—secretly a fake—behind.[2]

Green and Red team up to find Mew before Team Rocket can. Green reveals to Red that she has the real Mew disc and giggles to herslef at how she tricked the Rockets yet again by giving them a fake one. She has her Ditto transform into Mew to distract Team Rocket while she and Red look for the real Mew, which Green tells him she hopes to sell as a pet to make a large fortune of money. While they succeed at protecting Mew from Team Rocket, Green fails to capture it, though she does manage to take some photos (which she claims will sell well). When she leaves, she leaves a short note for Red, with his badges pinned to it.[3] Secretly, though, those badges are fakes.[4]

Later, she tries to work her charms on the gate guards of Saffron City, to no avail; she takes to the air on Jiggly, where she meets Blue trying the same thing. They discover a barrier surrounding Saffron and preventing entrance. Green offers to team up with Blue, but Blue rebuffs her, leaving.[5]

Volume 3

When Blue returns, Red not far behind, she convinces Red and Blue to work together to break Sabrina's psychic barrier and thus get into Saffron City.[6]

While wandering the Silph Corporation building, she encounters Sabrina. Green finds herself trapped in an illusion with a building in the distance. Green seems to release Blasty, but "Blasty" is secretly Ditty. Ditty takes a hard blow from Sabrina's Kadabra, lulling Sabrina into a false sense of security because she believes Green's strongest Pokémon is unconscious.

Green's plan succeeds and she kicks Blasty's pokéball, releasing him to use Mega Punch on Kadabra while Green released her Horsea, who uses Smokescreen. Green can see through the Smokescreen with her special Silph Scope binoculars, but she believes Sabrina to be completely blinded.[7]

This is not the case; Sabrina uses her psychic powers to "see" and deals a solid blow to Green. Kadabra's Disable paralyzes Green. Seemingly helpless, Green resorts to talking. She acknowledges Sabrina's skill as a trainer but mocks her by accusing Sabrina of having overlooked Green's charms and great looks, including her more developed chest. Kadabra takes a vengeful swipe at Green and cuts open the neck of her dress, revealing pokéballs stuffed down her shirt. The pokéballs open, and Jiggly and Clefy do a Sing-Growl combo to break Sabrina's concentration, thus freeing Green from Sabrina's illusion.

However, in the US version, when Sabrina's Kadabra paralyzes Green, the story was changed to say that there were no Pokéballs under Green's dress, but instead when Green dissed Sabrina, she lost her focus, rendering Green unparalyzed so she can send out her Jigglypuff and Clefairy. It was changed to this in the US version because the Japanese version was too inappropriate for US standards.

Before Green runs out the door, she steals Sabrina's Marsh Badge.

Green uses Ditty as a mask to disguise herself as Sabrina. In disguise, she goes to find the Pokémon Badge Energy Amplifier and finds it already in Red's possession; because she is disguised as Sabrina, Red does not recognize her, and so has his Pikachu attack her. However, Pikachu recognizes Green and does not go through with the attack, causing Green to tease Red for not realizing it was her.

She shows Red her Marsh Badge and offers to make an exchange: her Marsh Badge, the only badge that Red needs to complete the Amplifier, for Red's Moon Stone, which Green thinks to herself she'll need if she ever encounters Sabrina again. Red tries to make a moral argument, saying that they'd come here to stop Rocket, but Green reminds him that they came to Saffron for separate reasons: Red to stop Rocket and rescue the kidnapped residents of Pallet Town, and Green, well…to get rich.

Red agrees to the exchange. Green tells him that the Amplifier will give one of his Pokémon superpowers, but this is a lie: she thinks to herself that what the Amplifier will really do is create an entirely new Pokémon, which she will capture once it's released and make a profit off of it.

Sabrina bursts into the room moments after the deal, and Red is eager to try the Amplifier out. He flings out an arm, telling Green to stay back—Green cheerfully agrees—and brandishes the Amplifier importantly. Of course, nothing happens, and Green snatches it from him. She laughs and reveals that it didn't work because when she stole the Boulder and Cascade Badges from Red, she returned fake ones to him: not real ones. Green gleefully escapes with all of Red's badges inside the Amplifier, leaving Red to deal with Sabrina's Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno.

Once in a hallway, Green pops in the true Boulder and Cascade Badges eagerly. A sphere of light emerges from the Amplifier and Green follows it all the way back to the room where Red is facing the legendary birds.[8]

The energy from the Amplifier creates Zapmolcuno; faced with so fearsome a bird, Green passes out. When she awakes, she is on a web made from Red's Ivysaur's vines. She sends out Blasty, whose Hydro Pump combines with attacks from Blue's and Red's starters, restoring Zapmolcuno to its natural states.[9]

Green participates in the Pokémon League tournament at the Indigo Plateau; she blows through the primaries, defeating all of her opponents in one hit with Jiggly, but this doesn't stop her from trying to trick and scam people. She makes it to the semifinals, where she faces a mysterious "Dr. O."

Dr. O's Spearow survives Jiggly's initial attack, and when Jiggly is bombarded with attacks, Green is forced to switch to Blasty in order to meet Spearow in the air. In a never-before seen maneuver, she has Blasty use Hydro Pump to stay in the air. Hydro Pump hits Spearow and Dr. O squarely, but Spearow's Mirror Move returns it, doing serious damage to Blasty. Another Mirror Move knocks Blastoise out. Dr. O then reveals Green's fear of birds and the reason behind it, as well as unveiling himself as Professor Oak.

He asks Green why she stole his Squirtle; Green responds that she had grown up knowing only one thing about herself: she is from Pallet Town, Kanto. When she'd heard of two great trainers leaving Pallet on a journey, with Oak's Pokémon and pokédexes, she wanted nothing more than to join their ranks.

Oak forgives and acknowledges her then by giving her the third and final pokédex, causing Green to cry in thankfulness.[10]

Yellow Arc

Green is the one who sends Yellow out on her mission to find Red; Green is also the one who disguised Yellow's gender. Green keeps an eye on Yellow, secretly helping Yellow when she is attacked by Lorelei. She also gives a hat to Yellow to keep Yellow's identity as a girl a secret.


Green is very tricky and clever. She is also playful, but as they began the FireRed and LeafGreen adventures, she has become a bit more serious about what she does for herself and those she cares about. While she seems very self-interested and greedy, she does care about others and put them into consideration when it's needed.


Blasty (Blastoise)

Blasty is Green's most iconic Pokemon. Before the opening of the series, she stole him from Professor Oak when he was a Squirtle. He evolved into Wartortle before his debut. He eventually evolves into Blastoise off-screen. Green once used Blasty as a flying vehicle by using Blasty's Hydro Pump upside-down because she scared of bird's pokemon.

Jiggly (Wigglytuff)

Jiggly was Green's first Pokémon.It's then evolve into Wigglytuff with the helps of Moon Stone to assist Red in FRLG arc.

Clefy (Clefable)

  • Male
  • Clefy is the Green's first pokemon to evolve form Moon Stone

Ditty (Ditto)

Nido (Nidorina)

  • Female
  • Debuts in Chapter 39
  • In FRLG arc,Nidorina evolve into Nidoqueen along with Wigglytuff and Granbull.


  • Male
  • Snubull(Granbull's pre-evolution) has once traded to Silver in change of Horsea,so that Green can use Horsea's smokescreen.


  • Female
  • Green used Abra in the Gold and Silver arc to teleport Silver away from the Indigo Platue so that Silver can has himself safe.



She first met him trying to sell him fake Pokémon items. She lied to him and said that her items worked. At first, Red did not want to buy any of her items, but she tells him what a good trainer he is,and he falls for it and buys her stuff. Red later finds out her items don't work, and gets angry at her. However, as time goes by, the two of them eventually become friends.


When Blue first met Green, he didn't trust her very much. He called her pesky girl several times. Though his phrase in the translated version (the version that was sold) is obnoxious girl, he usually says: "What an obnoxious girl.".


Green was the one who disguised Yellow as a boy and sent her to find Red.


Green and Silver have been close like siblings since childhood, when they were partnered by the Masked Man.



  • While she wasn't based on any game characters, she was going to be. There was old artwork of three trainers: the main protagonist, the rival, and what looks like either a female protagonist or another rival. It has been said that Green is based on this scrapped character. However, she would one day get a redesign, one that is based on the female protagonist of FireRed and LeafGreen.
  • She is the first female main protagonist in Pokémon Adventures history.
  • In Japan, her name, which is Blue, is the only name that is directly affiliated with her Pokémon and his typing.
  • In the United States and some other such countries, she, along with Red and Blue, have names that are associated with the weakness of their starter Pokemon (i.e. Green's Blastoise, Blasty, is a water type Pokémon, making him weak to grass types, which are associated with the color green).


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