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Japanese Name:

ゴールド Gold




11 (GSC), 14(FRLG, Emerald), 16 (HGSS)


July 21

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New Bark Town


Trainer, Pokémon Breeder


Chapter 91

Gold is the main protagonist featured in the GSC Arc of Pokémon Adventures. He is from New Bark Town.


Gold seems to have grown up in a veritable haven, surrounded by many kinds of Pokémon whom he regards as family and who adore him. His hometown is New Bark Town.

Gold's father is absent by at least by the opening of the GSC Arc.


Gold is a young man of average height with spiky hair with one large prominent spike hanging over his face, and darker amber (practically golden) eyes. His apparel, a black and gold ball cap, goggle, a red and black jacket with a pokegear on his right wrist, black sweatpants, white socks, and white and red sneakers, did not change much between his appearances in the GSC, Emerald, and HGSS arcs, with the biggest change being the color of his backpack (Light yellow to light gray with a black strap). His design is based upon the art work for trainers Gold and Ethan from the Pokemon video game series.


Gold debuts in Chapter 91.


His mom sends Ataro to wake him up. Ataro finds Gold sleeping heavily in his room, surrounded by Pokémon. They work together to wake him, eventually getting him down the stairs. Gold leaves the house on a skateboard and with many Pokémon friends.

That night, Gold seems to be in a routine of his, playing solo billiards and listening to the radio: his favorite channel, Mary's, was playing music. Gold's radio shorts out, and spotting a trespasser in his backyard, and Gold jumps out to confront him angrily, believing him to have damaged the house's antenna. Instead he finds a young boy whose bag had been stolen by a Murkrow, now in a tree in Gold's backyard. The Murkrow has also stolen Gold's antenna, provoking Gold into action.

Gold uses his billiard stick to strike Ataro's pokéball up into the branches, where Ataro ties a rope to the bag and antenna, and then pushes them off. The other end of the rope is tied to Gold, who is apparently lighter than the bag and antenna, as he is lifted as the bag lowers. Ataro takes Gold firmly and guides him down the tree.

Gold is immediately rushed by all of the other Pokémon, each concerned about him. When the boy, Gorou, comments on it, Gold calls them his family. Suddenly realizing that he had missed the end of Mary's music, he told the boy to tape it for him and then ran back into his house.[1]

Emerald Arc

Gold and Crystal work together in order to save Silver and their senior pokedex holders . Gold dresses up as Guile Hideout. He promises Silver's stone form to save him and their seniors. Explotaro beats pseudo-Kyogre with a Blast Burn attack.


Gold has been assigned a mission by Professor Oak, who, since Crystal is busy and Silver has no means of contact, has no one else to ask: meet Lance at the Pokéathlon Dome and listen to what Lance has to say about Arceus. Gold goes there with Whitney. When he arrives, he decides to participate in the Pokéathlon with Ataro, Explotaro, and Poltaro. He is doing well until the Johto Elite Four show up and decide to test him. They proceed to defeat him at everything except the brick-smashing contest, when Gold beats Bruno by having Ataro do a precision hit to weaken all the brick slabs at once so that Explotaro can smash them.

Then a Dragonite shows up and rampages, making Gold battle it with Totaro and return it to its pokéball. Gold finds a scrap of a cape on the Dragonite and hypothesizes that it is Lance's, but Lance was attacked and, after losing its trainer, the Dragonite rampaged.

Gold goes to Ecruteak City to admire the Kimono Girls while his Pokémon train themselves. During training, Ataro evolves into Ambipom. In Ecruteak, Gold hears that Morty can find lost things and people and he asks Morty to help find Lance; seeing Gold's pokédex, Morty agrees. Morty asks other gym leaders to guard his gym while he and Gold sit in it, waiting for Morty's powers to locate Lance.

Silver enters, surprising Gold, but moments later Silver senses something and rushes out. Gold follows and sees Arceus. He is struck by a sense of sadness about Arceus, making Gold want to find out what is wrong. But after crushing Gold in a short battle, Arceus leaves.


At his debut, Gold seems a little spoiled and self-centered, as well as possessing a "top dog" mindset, demonstrated by his readiness to eject a trespassing stranger. Gold was not interested in helping Joey get his bag back until he noticed that the Murkrow had stolen Gold's antenna, at which point he agreed to get the bag back but made it an afterthought.[2] He is also concerned with being cool, such as having a fashionable hairstyle.[3]He is rather flirtatious.


Explotaro (Typhlosion)

  • Male

Gold gets Explotaro from Professor Elm.

Ataro (Ambipom)

  • Male

Ataro has been with Gold for a long time, perhaps through childhood.

Poltaro (Politoed)

  • Male

Sintaro (Sunflora)

  • Female

Utaro (Sudowoodo)

  • Male

Mantaro (Mantine)

  • Male

Togetaro (Togekiss)

  • Male




Silver is Gold's rival. Gold hunts Silver to take back Totodile for Professor Elm.


At first Gold didn't go well with Crystal. He was annoyed by her being serious, calling her super-serious gal.



  • Gold is the first main protagonist based on a male player character to use a fire-type starter


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