Geoff is the president of the Battle Company, but he likes tidying and cleaning and often frequents the Skyarrow Bridge disguised as a janitor, keeping an eye out for young talent.


Geoff debuts in the sixteenth chapter of the BW Arc.

He sees Black tracking mud and leaves all over his bridge and challenges him to a battle, declaring that's the only way he'll believe Black's story of a freak whirlwind; secretly, though, this is untrue: he thinks that the whirlwind was caused by Virizion, and challenges Black to test if he is a good trainer. He adds that men bond through athleticism.

His Trubbish's stench is so powerful that it all but incapacitates Black's Tepig, and his Cinccino's fur allows it to redirect Black's Galvantula's attacks. However, after Tepig plugs its nose, it knocks out Trubbish, and Galvantula brings Cinccino into a trap and knocks it out with Slash.

Geoff is a good loser, sincerely congratulating Black and admitting he had a hunch that Black is a good trainer. He reveals his information about Virizion and gives Black his business card: he is in fact the president of the Battle Company, but he has a liking for cleaning.[1]




As a Minccino, it bonded with Geoff by using its tail to help wipe the ground. As a Cinccino, its fur is so well groomed that it can redirect attacks—from physical slaps to electrical attacks.

Known Moves:

  • Tail Slap


Because Trubbish is a mobile trash bag, it is an ideal Pokémon to help Geoff. Trubbish's stench is so great that it drives Black's Munna and Tepig back into their pokéballs.

Known Moves

  • Acid Spray



  1. Pokémon Adventures: BW Chapter 16

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