Garu and Kogaru
Species: Kangaskhan
Gender: Female and female

Each other (Mother and daughter)

Current Trainer:





XY Arc

Garu and Kogaru are X's mother-child Kangaskhan pair; Garu is the mom and Kogaru is the baby. They have been with X since childhood, when he won the Junior Tournament.


Garu and Kogaru won the last battle of a Junior Tournament for X. Kogaru impressed the crowd by coming out of Garu's pouch and fighting alongside her.

After the battle, some reporters came to hassle them and X; exhausted, Garu and Kogaru can't do much. X tries to defend them, but Gurkinn steps in to send off the journalists.

X, afraid of the paparazzi, shuts himself in his house; Kogaru copies him, sticking to her mother's pouch. This prevented her growth into an adult Kangaskhan.


When Team Flare attacks X during the destruction of Vaniville Town, Garu and Kogaru protect him and Y, even spontaneously Mega Evolving to achieve this task.

Later, in Aquacorde Town, Team Flare tries to kidnap Kogaru. X and Y interrupt them and X tries to activate Kogaru's Mega Evolution, but it fails. X and Chespin rescue Kogaru.

With Trevor's urging, Kogaru and X try to practice Mega Evolving against wild Pokémon, but their attempts fail.

X accepts a challenge to battle from Viola, and Garu defeats her. Shauna, controlled by Celosia, tries to steal the Kangaskhanite. X gets it back and Kogaru Mega Evolves. Outnumbered and out-powered, Celosia has to flee.


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