Flannery's Pokémon are fire-types. Among them are Magcargo and Vulpix.



Magcargo debuts in Chapter 212.

Magcargo is Flannery's Pokémon of choice, against gym challengers, to revive Mt. Chimney, and against Sapphire. It fights evenly against Sapphire's Combusken.

She later sends it out against Kyogre and Team Aqua.[1]

Known Moves

  • Flamethrower[2]



Vulpix debuts in Chapter 245.

Flannery sends Vulpix out in the battle against Kyogre and Team Aqua.[3] Vulpix fights against Angie's Ludicolo, to little avail.[4] She secretly uses Grudge as she faints, disabling Ludicolo's Nature Power.[5]

Known Moves


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