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Chapter 211

Flannery is the gym leader of the Heat Badge in Lavaridge Town. She is the granddaughter of an ex-Elite Four member of Hoenn.


Flannery debuts in Chapter 211.

She left her gym to train, but is found and rebuked by Winona.[1]

She defeats her 149th challenger and is congratulated by Winona via videophone. Winona tells Flannery about a hotshot challenger who has been sweeping her way through Hoenn's gyms: Sapphire. Flannery dashes off to train, vowing loudly not to lose to anybody, least of all Sapphire.

Team Aqua admins Angie and Amber overhear her and, thinking she knows about Sapphire, kidnap her. They force Flannery to tell them about Sapphire, and Flannery confesses that Sapphire is on her way to Lavaridge to challenge Flannery. They use Flannery as bait: Ark takes Flannery up into a cable car on Mt. Chimney, where Sapphire sees them and comes to the rescue.

Flannery is mostly helpless and unable to aid Sapphire in her battle against Ark. Sapphire carries Flannery out on her back. Flannery resolves to protect Lavaridge from Team Aqua, and agrees to let Sapphire help her with it, acknowledging Sapphire as a superb trainer. The two fly up to Mt. Chimney's summit on Sapphire's Tropius.[2]

She and Sapphire approach the Team Aqua operation occurring, but they are headed off by Amber. He holds them off long enough for Team Aqua to successfully "kill" Mt. Chimney.[3] They then knock Sapphire and Flannery off of Tropius. When the smoke clears, Flannery finds herself alone on Mt. Chimney: no sign of Team Aqua or Sapphire. She calls out and hears Sapphire respond from underground, having gone there on a hunch. Stuck above ground, Flannery sees the dead volcano and thinks of her Lavaridge Town's hot springs. Frustrated to realize how badly she has failed as a gym leader, Flannery sends out Magcargo, using Flamethrower to ty to return some heat and energy to the volcano.

She is approached by Mitch, who tells her that it won't be enough. At that moment, Sapphire calls up, shouting that it's working—the volcano is starting to revive! Mitch then joins forces Flannery, using his Torkoal to create a huge explosion of fire. Mt. Chimney gives a small eruption, revived.[4]

Flannery jumps with joy, hugging Mitch, to see her volcano alight. It is not to last, however; the spark of life quickly dies, only a temporary revival. Flannery listens as Mitch scorns Team Aqua, claiming that Hoenn needs more land; she softly repeats "land" after him.


After he leaves, she presses herself against a crack in the ground and shouts for Sapphire. When Sapphire emerges, unvictorious in her hunt for Team Aqua, the two make their way down Jagged Pass to Lavaridge Town. As they walk, Flannery describes her town for Sapphire, and then confesses that she has failed to protect her own volcano and town.

Sapphire, spotting a hot spring warmed by Flannery and Mitch's atttempt to revive Mt. Chimney, gets in with Flannery to relax. Flannery offers to battle her, and Sapphire agrees: Flannery's Magcargo against Sapphire's Combusken. They become quite competitive about it, and, catching sight of each other across the hot spring during the match, burst into giggles and discontinue the battle.

The two get out, and as they dress, Flannery tells Sapphire that she will not let one setback get her down. She will warn the rest of Hoenn's gym leaders about the threat that this "team in blue" poses.

Flannery tells Sapphire that her next gym battle is in Fortree City, and as Sapphire leaves, Flannery tosses her the Heat Badge (despite the fact that their battle was a draw).[5] She then calls all of Hoenn's gyms for a meeting in Fortree City, where she reports the events at Mt. Chimney and urges the gym leaders to oppose Team Aqua and support Team Magma.[6]


The author describes her: "She works really hard. As the first leader to meet Team Aqua, she is still in the midst of a battle against them! She has an extremely strong sense of duty and will display the highest level of enthusiasm in the fight against the evil forces!"[7]

She has a strong sense of duty as the gym leader of Lavaridge.



Magcargo is Flannery's Pokémon of choice, against gym challengers, to revive Mt. Chimney, and against Sapphire. It fights evenly against Sapphire's Combusken.

Known Moves:

  • Flamethrower[8]





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