The Emerald Arc is the sixth arc of Pokémon Adventures. It begins in Chapter[1]303 and ends in Chapter 337 making it 35 chapters long. It focuses on Emerald and his efforts to conquer the Battle Frontier. It also focuses on the efforts of Gold, Kris, Ruby, and Sapphire to free their five senior pokédex holders who were turned into stone.

Volume 26

Chapter 303: VS Sudowoodo

Chapter 304: VS Swalot

Chapter 305: Illumise

Chapter 306: Pinsir

Chapter 307: Glalie

Chapter 308: VS Kirlia

Volume 27

Chapter 309: Milotic

Chapter 310: Shuckle

Chapter 311: Dusclops

Chapter 312: Regirock

Chapter 313: Regice

Chapter 314: Smeargle

Chapter 315: Surskit I

Chapter 316: Surskit II

Chapter 217: Shedinja

Volume 28

Chapter 318: VS Shedinja II

Chapter 319: VS Vileplume I

Chapter 320: VS Vileplume II

Chapter 321: VS Kirlia

Chapter 322: VS Sceptile

Chapter 323: VS Charizard I

Chapter 324: VS Charizard II

Chapter 325: VS Starmie

Chapter 326: VS Lapras

Chapter 327: VS Gulpin

Volume 29

Chapter 328: The Final Showdown I

Chapter 329: The Final Showdown II

Chapter 330: The Final Showdown III

Chapter 331: The Final Showdown IV

Chapter 332: The Final Showdown V

Chapter 333: The Final Showdown VI

Chapter 334: The Final Showdown VII

Chapter 335: The Final Showdown VIII

Chapter 336: The Final Showdown IX

Chapter 337: Epilogue


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